Improving Healthcare via Creative Thinking and Entrepreneurship

The current healthcare trends necessitate creative and adaptable methods for improving results and decreasing shortfalls.  Even with major progress in science & technology, the healthcare system continues to suffer from widespread inadequacies, such as unequal availability, dissatisfied customers, and rising costs. What Is Creative Thinking? The invention of new or enhanced products/services/processes to augment a specific value has […]

Innovation Always Wins

To resist innovation is to resist change, and resisting change is simply fighting growth and development.

Connect And Create: 8 Practical Tips That Will Inspire Creativity In Nurse Innovators And Leaders

The most creative innovations are often new combinations of old ideas. Innovative thinkers don’t create, they connect. Furthermore, the most effective way to make progress is usually by making 1 percent improvements to what already works rather than breaking down the whole system and starting over. James Clear Creativity is a very nuanced phenomenon, and I won’t even attempt defining […]