Premir Medimart: Africa’s “Amazon” For Healthcare Products & Services

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Hello there to our wonderful, sweet, beautiful, and amazing readers. 

First, I want to welcome you all to September.

We have before us thirty brilliant days to do more… Don’t settle for less…

Before we jump all in to talk a little bit about Premir Medimart, “Africa’s ‘Amazon’ for healthcare products and services”, let me show you some interesting things about Amazon’s business model and some fascinating history about the e-commerce and tech Behemoth [Amazon actually is a tech company and not just a retailer]. 

Interesting Facts About “Amazon”: Business Model & History

  • Jeff Bezos [you all know that guy, the “Blue Origin” man], a former Wall Street hedge fund executive who already had a deep understanding of the internet back in 1994 took the bold step of creating an “online store for everything”. 

Amazon started as a company that did not have any direct products or services. They only “connected the market.” Now, they have one of the most robust cloud services on the planet—Amazon Web Services. 

  • Amazon’s Business Model: Based on three value propositions: low price, fast delivery, and a wide selection of products. 
  • Amazon started as an online bookstore that gradually metamorphosed into what it is today—an online store for everything and more. From selling books, Amazon expanded into selling virtually anything you could think of; music, videos, electronics, household items, clothes, you name it.
  • “Cadabra” [from the magic word abracadabra] was what Jeff Bezos was going to call Amazon before his lawyer [Todd Tarbert] “spoke him out of it”, that it sounded like “Cadaver” over the phone, and besides, it could be seen as obscure“Cadabra,” LOL…
  • Amazon effectively utilised “personalised recommendation tools” and “customer reviews” to great advantage. With these simple tools, they didn’t just build a business, but an online community of passionate buyers and sellers.
  • Amazon opened the gates of the internet to small companies and individuals to sell their goods through the platform. This was a great economic breakthrough for small businesses that did not have the internet and the tech muscle to place their goods and services online.
  • Amazon is recognised as the largest retailer on the planet, simply because it went out to build a community and not just a business.
  • Amazon is guided by four major principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Convenience. Yes, that’s what it’s all about.

There you go, some interesting facts about Amazon. We should have gone on and on and on, telling you about the wonders of Amazon. 

However, let’s quickly jump into the meat of this brief article.

We looked briefly at Amazon because Premir Medimart is a start-up that is going to do what Amazon is doing, this time around in the healthcare ecosystem and with little tweaks.

Africa’s ‘Amazon’ for healthcare products and services

Africa’s technological ecosystem is currently experiencing huge growth, especially in financial technology. Behind fin-tech is health-tech, then agro-tech, ed-tech and others.

Technological advancement in Africa is positively affecting all known industries on the continent, directly or indirectly

In the health-tech ecosystem in Africa, we are seeing brilliant ideas that have proven effective in solving some of Africa’s healthcare problems.

Highly innovative health-tech platforms have been developed in Africa that make it possible for clients to access quality medical care right in the comfort of their homes, through devices that can connect to the internet, integrating medical laboratory services, pharmaceutical services, and other essential healthcare services into one platform [website & app].

African health-tech companies like 54Gene, which is bridging the disparity gap in genomics data in Africa; Helium Health, which assists healthcare providers with technological solutions ranging from electronic medical records, financial management, etc.; MDaaSwhich offers “Medical devices as a Service”; Mobihealth, which uses its rich telemedicine platform to provide affordable and safe medical services to users; Carecode Digital Health Hub, Africa’s first Digital Health Education platform for healthcare professionals—the list goes on and on, are all health-tech start-ups that are changing the narrative and transforming Africa’s healthcare and health-tech ecosystem.

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

Peter Drucker

Premir Medimart wants to build a platform that connects all healthcare providers to more users, consumers, or customers, just like what Amazon is doing. 

They are not just targeting the big players in the health-tech and healthcare space in Africa. They are building a community made up of healthcare providers [of all levels] who have quality products and services and users/consumers who are in need of these products and services.

An Online Store For Everything Healthcare

Imagine an online marketplace where you can find anything healthcare-related.

From used medical devices [that have passed quality tests] to simple items like used medical textbooks, or stethoscopes, pieces of more sophisticated medical equipment, to medical and healthcare services, like homecare nursing services, physiotherapy services, etc.

Hospitals can feature their services and products, and they will be matched with prospective clients [using cutting-edge personalised recommendation tools]. Hospitals will be given profiles where they can feature customer reviews and list the types of medical specialities they offer.

Health-tech companies will be able to reach a wider audience and connect with more users and customers, building a community of dedicated users.

Nothing like this has been done before [none that we know of], and this is a brilliant idea. One that has the potential to transform healthcare consumerism in Africa. 

About “Premir Medimart”

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Who are we at PREMIR MEDIMART?

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable faster, safer, and more efficient sales and purchases of healthcare products and services by using our robust, tech-powered platform to connect sellers and potential buyers across the nation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to increase individuals’ access to healthcare products and services conveniently and safely while unlocking a new way for healthcare products and service providers to reach consumers and clients and grow their businesses.

Our Core Values

Users’ and Customers’ Commitment: We develop services that make a positive difference in

our users’ lives.

Integrity: We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all our actions.

Simplicity: We embrace simplicity in our product usage to facilitate pleasant user experiences.

Respect: We act with respect and compassion for users, partners, and team members.

Behind The Idea

My friend, the co-founder of Carecode Digital Health HubAdewunmi Oluwatobi, is the brain behind Premir Medimart. So, you can see why I am super excited about this project.

The teams at Care City and Carecode will be giving all their support to the development of this innovative idea. And we strongly believe that it will touch lives in Africa and beyond, and also transform healthcare consumerism in Africa.

As a team, we are excited about everything. And we can’t wait for Premir Medimart to fully launch.

To be updated about the launch date and other important information you can follow Premir Medimart on Instagram and Twitter.

For partnerships, and enquiries send them a mail here:

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