Celebrating All The Wonderful Women and Girls In Our World Today

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This month is the month of the woman. 

In history, women have been pivotal to the advancement of our civilization. 

Though we haven’t given them enough credit for all their work for humanity, they still keep labouring in the background and forefront, contributing to our growth and development as a species.

We are beginning to see in the 21st century more recognition of the contributions of women to our world. 

Women are just starting to gradually break through the formidable cultural, traditional, societal and religious barriers that have held them back for centuries. 

The 21st century comes with a refreshing wave of advancement that gives everyone an equal playing field to lead, innovate and contribute to the improvement of society. 

Women, people living with disabilities and those from minority communities have all been allowed to contribute to the advancement of our fast-moving technological world. 

Women are everywhere–in politics & governance, science & research, arts & entertainment–you mention it. And they are not just occupying space and filling holes; they are doing tremendously well, actively contributing, innovating and leading. 

I work a lot with women [80% of my teams are made up of wonderful women], and I can tell you first-hand that women are amazing. They bring a different level of energy and deeper commitment to the team. They are more resilient and creative, and their womanly calmness and fragrance can be felt through the four corners of any team or project they are involved with. 

This Year’s International Women’s Day Theme–Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality 

The theme for this year is super-exciting. 

The attention of the world is on innovation and technology. And for too long, only a few women who have had to fight their way through thick and thin have been recognized in innovation and technology. 

It’s all changing now. 

The great work being done by advocacy organizations like The UN is having a great impact already. 

We are beginning to understand that women must also be given EQUAL opportunities as men. And gradually, together, we are pulling down great societal and even corporate walls that have kept women behind for too long. 

Women no longer have to fight through thick, thin clouds and snow to be recognized in the innovation and technology ecosystem. We are creating an enabling environment for women to showcase their uniqueness and skills in a world that needs all the ideas we can find to survive and keep improving. 

The “Digital Gender Divide”–Is Real

The fight for equality is an ongoing one. We have not reached the point where we can boast that we are ready to give the final blow that will bring it crashing down forever. 

The idea of women being less and under has flourished unhindered in many societies for a long time.

Even religious teachings and doctrines have been implicated the most in propagating the idea that a woman must remain silent in the courts of discussion. They are the lesser or weaker vessel and must not speak in public. 

I have had problems with these teachings and philosophies since I started interacting with religious literature. I mean, why would we intentionally decide to put a woman under? It’s not as though they are not as intelligent and strong. Besides, nature didn’t place them two steps behind men on the biological ladder. 

They have the same mind and brain structure as men [organically and biologically speaking]. 

They are EQUAL. 

A woman is EQUAL to any man and must be given the same opportunity any man will get anywhere on the planet. 

Some seemingly educated men still believe a woman isn’t supposed to surpass a man in the enclaves of society. 

They see it as a taboo–take note of the “seemingly educated”.

There’s a digital gender divide only a few are talking about. 

In the tech ecosystem, women are being marginalized and exempted. They are not getting the same opportunities as men. 

And this is becoming worrisome. 

What makes it even more problematic is that we claim to operate an advanced, mature and inclusive ecosystem. Yet, we still cling to outdated, expired and old rules and philosophies that have done humanity no good. 

Yes, we agree that centuries ago, we were not as intelligent a specie as we are now. But this is the 21st century, and many, many, many scales have fallen off our eyes. We see better, know more, and are open to development. Then, why do we still practice in secrecy the outdated principle of exempting women from being well-represented in the technology ecosystem? 

Equality & Justice

As an information start-up focused on healthcare, innovation, leadership and community, we are 100% giving our voice to support the fight for equality and justice for women and girls in the tech ecosystem. 

We believe in the power and intelligence of women. 

Here’s to a future free of injustice. 

A future where everyone is celebrated.

A future where everyone is given equal opportunities. 

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Care City.

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