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Ignite, a renowned online resource platform for nursing education based in New York, USA, recently interviewed me

It was a natural interview, and along the line, my responses naturally gravitated towards advocating for innovation and “good” leadership in the nursing profession [especially in Africa]. 

I must commend the team at Ignite. To be frank, few teams exude the level of professionalism, warmth and humility as the Ignite team.

They made the process so smooth. They were patient and made sure that they kept communicating with me at all stages of the interview.

About Ignite 

“Ignite was established to support the 21st century teaching and learning needs within the nursing classroom and on the job. We believe in supporting the continuum of nursing development, from class to floor, and we are passionate about sharing curriculum and evaluation development tips, strategies for success, fun technologically enhanced teaching and learning tools, and news on today’s nursing climate. Our goal is to give back to the nursing profession, while encouraging community in nursing education. Through working together with you all to collaboratively shape the future of nursing practice, we hope to support the educator inside of each and every nurse to succeed.”

Here’s what even makes it more intriguing. 

The Ignite team is founded by a couple—“a husband and wife team of nurse educators!” Check out their bio here. So interesting and inspiring. 

I wrote a guest post for Ignite some time back. You can read it here. I talked about nursing education in the developing world. I enjoyed writing that article. 

If you enjoy it, kindly share it with fellow colleagues who you feel will find it useful. 

Read the full interview here.

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Ayinla Daniel Avatar

(Chief Editor)

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