Your Failed Ideas Are Like ‘Fertilizer’ For The Big Ones

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Don’t Be Scared To Fail

In the world of entrepreneurship, failure is good. 

We don’t expect failure to come our way [no one wants to fail], but we learn to embrace it when [or if] it does. 

If you can’t stand failure and defeat, you can’t be a “successful” entrepreneur. 

The entrepreneur’s journey is like an adventure. 

You never know what lurks around the corner. 

Anything [good or bad] can happen to you at any time.

Your savings can evaporate within the twinkle of an eye. Or, a big bag of cash can fall on your head while walking down the road to get groceries. 

You have to be ready for anything. And failure is one of those things that comes to you unannounced. 

Failure, you see, comes to try to bend you.

It’s right in the face of failure and defeat we will know if you are truly an entrepreneur. 

Entrepreneurs believe strongly in their ideas. The ideas may not be perfect or be the best in the room. 

Entrepreneurs have solid faith in what they are building. They are deeply convinced. They have very tangible convictions. 

Most of the time, people around them will think they are unreasonable and foolish with how they sacrifice and pursue their dreams. 

They are the square pegs in round holes—the odd ones. 

Your ‘Vulnerableness’ Is Your Superpower

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There was a time when people preached against embracing and even showing your vulnerabilities. 

They called it weakness and softness. 

But it’s all changing. Now, we have discovered that showing how vulnerable you are and embracing it is a superpower. 

In the entrepreneurship universe, your plans are not written in gold, melted to the concrete floor. Anything can change those fantastic plans of yours. And when things don’t go as planned, what do you do? 

Simply put, when things fall apart, what do you do? 

Do you run away, hide your mistakes, or point fingers? 

No, you wouldn’t do that because you are a wise leader. 

Instead, you will stand straight, look your weakness in the eye, and let it know that you know it’s right there. 

Leaders need to start learning how to embrace the “not-so-attractive” aspects of themselves. 

If you know you are lacking something, own up to it, show it, and seek help. 

A leader who knows it all and seems to have the answers to all questions is a “big worry sign.” 

We must be wary of leaders who seem to always know it all. They want us to think that they are perfect. They appear without blemishes, wrinkles, or spots. 

They are the invincible guys. 

You must acknowledge your feelings, your needs, and your imperfections.

Vulnerability shows that you are ready to be helped. You are not Superman or Black Adam [even these super guys have weaknesses]. 

You are human, and you understand that weaknesses are normal. We are weak in certain aspects because we need others to complete us. 

You can’t make up the whole bunch. 

When you feel scared, show it. 

When you are confused, let the people you lead know it. 

When you share your emotions with others, you strengthen your bonds. 

The people want to feel connected to you. 

And if you open up to them, they will see that you are like them. It allows you to connect with them… and inspire them. 

Big Ones Emerge From The Carcas of The Old

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Finally, your dead ideas are not really dead [maybe they are just floating ghosts]. 

You learned a lot from them. You discovered many ways not to do something. 

You have gained experience and expertise that can’t be bought anywhere. 

With that experience, expertise, and exposure, you enter the next battle better equipped. And it will be a lot easier to win your next race. 

Have you given up because an idea failed you? 

Have you vowed never to venture into the world of entrepreneurship again? 

You are right to feel that way. 

But I want to let you know that giving up will not take you further. 

Giving up will keep you in one spot. 

Look around you. All the big entrepreneurs and brands have had their fair share of failures. We wouldn’t be enjoying what they’re giving us today if they gave up like you. 


You know what to do… 

Pick yourself up and keep going! 

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