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We are creating room for columnists & contributors on Care City. 

Columns are for guest writers who are experts or experienced in their respective fields of interest. 

The columns bring a variety of voices on board while also helping columnists [and contributors] market what they are doing. 

As a columnist;

  • You must have consistently written in your area or field of interest(s) for at least six months. 
  • You must be an active writer who should have an online library/catalogue of personal works; it may be a unique websiteblog, newsletter, or social media page.
  • You should be ready to contribute at least one article a month. 

Contributors, on the other hand, may not be as active as columnists. They are not required or expected to always write about a particular subject(s), unlike columnists, who must stay on a line or domain of content. Contributors can cover a wider variety of interests. They are not confined or restricted like columnists. 

Please take note that this is not an opening for freelancers!

Contributors and Columnists can share personal links [and works] without restrictions on their published content. 

To become a part of our Columnists & Contributors Community, send us a message here:, or chat directly with the Editor via mail [] or Whatsapp


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