Care City Leadership Message: The Power Of A Purpose-Driven Life

“leaders who can observe and connect information from a number of sources are generally well positioned to create ideas that are informed by the needs of the marketplace. Credibility combines that expertise with a measure of humility, honesty, and an appreciation for the human aspect of leading people.” Simon Senek. What is your purpose in life? Simple […]

Hospital Head Position, Nomenclature, And Qualifications: A Quick Take On The Deluge Of Other Health Professionals’ Rejoinders

The bar needs to be raised far above that! If certain Professors will argue in the century of the lord the 21st that Master’s and Ph.D. holders in general management-related fields, health/hospital management-related fields are not qualified to hold distinctively “executive” positions in the hospital or health institutions because they do not possess first degrees in medicine and/or dental surgery, must those disagreeing with clearly superior arguments also dance naked in the market square?