Trailblazing Nursing Interview Series | Illuminating The Path Of Advancement Beyond The Bedside | Part Three

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Nursing, a profession known for its compassionate care and dedication, is witnessing a new wave of innovation driven by exceptional nurses redefining what it means to advance beyond the bedside.

These trailblazers are pushing the boundaries, seizing opportunities, and introducing transformative ideas that have the power to reshape the entire nursing profession with their expertise, creativity, and leadership skills to break barriers and drive transformative change beyond the confines of the bedside.

In this enlightening interview series, we shed light on the remarkable journeys of these innovative nurses, exploring their groundbreaking initiatives, entrepreneurial ventures, research breakthroughs, and advocacy efforts.

Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the stories of these remarkable individuals leading the way towards a brighter future for nursing, leaving an indelible mark on the profession, transforming healthcare and inspiring generations to come.

Name: Miss Oluwatobi Yekeen

Years of working experience: 9 years. Military, Nursing and Midwifery.

Location: Lagos, Nigeria.

What inspired you to pursue a career path beyond bedside Nursing and what motivated you to continue on this path?

God’s involvement in her journey in life and her love for the military system during her younger days was her inspiration. Also, she was passionate about giving adequate care to humans. Her love for maternal and child health and the joy of receiving a baby into the world spurred her to move further in studying Midwifery.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in your field of expertise and how have you been able to overcome them?

The vigorous exercises and having to leave her kindred for months and stay alone at a younger age were a challenge during her military training.

Connecting and moving with people of great minds strengthened her to continue the race and not quit.

What do you see as the future of nursing and what must nurses pay attention to so as to be featured in this future?

She could see various dimensions of capabilities such as nurse-scientists, nurse-politicians, military nurses and so on emerging from the Nursing profession.

What advice would you give to other nurses who are interested in walking on this same path as yours? 

Her advice to them is to rely and focus majorly on the directions from God and not just on their passion and love for the career path. They are encouraged to depend on the strength of God and not human strength as this will empower them to make outstanding success even when they encounter any challenge.

Are you open to mentoring young nurses willing to go on the same path as yours? If yes, how best can young nurses connect with you?

She is open to mentorship.

Her social media handles, and mostly through WhatsApp. Although she could have a busy schedule she is ready to dedicate her time to inquisitive nurses.

Name: Idowu Elizabeth Opeyemi

Years of Working Experience: 6 years

Location: Ibadan, Nigeria.

Category: Nurse Entrepreneur.

What inspired you to pursue a career path beyond bedside Nursing and What motivated you to continue on this path?

I was born into fashion design though not enough reason to be a Fashion designer but when I was in 200 Level, I had this Doctor friend, a medical student in her final year running two businesses at the same time and she did it so well.

I felt I had no excuse not to pursue my passion because of my busy schedule in Nursing thereafter I began to make dresses for people in school.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced in your field of expertise and how were you able to overcome them?

For a startup in Nursing school, time was the major challenge considering how demanding and choking nursing school can be but I still persevered because I love Fashion design and I was also into the business of selling bags and shoes then I was among the top businesswomen in school.

After Nursing School, I enrolled in a Fashion school instead of getting a job like others do because it was time to pay attention to my skills though it was not easy as finances were a major challenge I was able to get a scholarship for the Fashion school. At some point, I got a Job but I could not cope because both field (Nursing and Fashion illustration is very demanding and draining)  and some of the things that helped me to overcome this was that I was focused, determined, and committed.

What do you see as the future of Nursing and what must nurses pay attention to to feature in this future?

I see Nursing evolving into the world of technology and in a few years time Nursing Practices will be technology-assisted so as not to be left out, nurses must be tech-driven.

Even as a Nursetailor, Fashion design now has a lot of advancements that as to do with tech and we need to be able to blend into the trend by sharpening our skills in this area so we won’t feel obsolete.

What advice will you give to other nurses who are interested in walking on this same path as yours?

The key thing I would love to say is a passionate man cannot be limited, nurses be passionate and purpose-driven.

Have background experience as a nurse, learn the nitty-gritty of Nursing, and also be open to learning.

It will interest you to know that there is a field in Fashion that can be combined with nursing, called Fashion illustration in which I have been a tutor to thousands of many for the past 4 years so you don’t have to be the one sowing.

Are you Open to Mentorship and if yes how best can we connect with you?

Yes, I am open to mentoring and you can connect with me on my social media platform, especially WhatsApp.

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