Branding, Marketing & Community Building For Small and Medium Healthcare and Health-tech Brands

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Building a company, start-up, or business takes a lot of effort. 

You have to attend to the creative aspects of things; give attention to team building; monitor your finances, make sure you are networking enough, and dedicate ample time to building your community.

That’s a whole lot of work for small and medium enterprises.

Many of them need help to effectively carry out these vital functions because they can’t sustain the talents and expertise required to run them smoothly. 

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Evolve Health Media is a service arm of Care City dedicated to helping healthcare and health-tech brands with branding, marketing, and community building. 

We discovered that healthcare and health-tech brands need help with these aspects of their businesses, so we have decided to step into the situation to help and work with them. 

We are bringing our experience, exposure, and expertise in community building, marketing, and branding into the game, fusing it with our passion for seeing healthcare and health-tech brands, especially in Africa, grow to their full potential. 

If you think we can work with you, kindly email us here: In that mail, you will let us know who you are, what you are doing, and how you believe we can help and work with you. 

We will schedule a call with your team; if it’s something we are excited about, we will analyze your start-up/business/enterprise [you will answer some straightforward questions through a simple form]. 

When we have evaluated and identified what you need, we will cook a plan with you [and your team] and immediately get to work.

Here is a list of the primary services we will be offering:

  • Content Marketing, Copywriting & Storytelling
  • Brand & Creative Management [logos, brand creatives, visual communications, etc.]
  • Web Design, Development & Management [Premium]
  • Software Development [Premium]
  • Product Marketing [Premium]
  • Project Design & Management [Premium]
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Building [building and managing digital communities/ecosystems]

Our prospective clients: 

  • Small & Medium Healthcare & Health-tech Entrepreneurs & Brands
  • Small & Medium Private Clinical Practices
  • Health-related NGOs & Enterprises
  • Home Care/Nursing Homes
  • Personal Medical Brands

We are already as excited as you are, and we can’t wait to work with you to transform your world. 

Why Should You Even Build With Us?

We are creating a separate start-up just to meet this particular need we have seen in the healthcare ecosystem.

Evolve Health Media will be dedicated to helping healthcare and health-tech brands evolve into better digital versions of themselves.

We believe that healthcare brands need to pay more attention to things like branding, marketing and community building.

Things are changing fast. The people of this age are all digital folks. They spend more than 80% of their time on the internet and whole industries are already evolving to adapt to this new cultural reality.

Healthcare brands must also understand the paradigm shift and also start evolving.

This is why we are building “evolve health media”. 70% of our team members are made up of healthcare professionals from different areas and specialities of healthcare who are passionate about helping healthcare brands grow in today’s digital world.

And we work with digital and media partners who are experts in their respective digital specialities, like web developers, software developers, product designers, etc.

Our Process

Is simple. We will work with whatever team you have on the ground, integrating our structure into yours. We will listen to you, understand what you want and work to bring your dreams to reality.

Though Evolve Health Media hasn’t formally launched, we are already reaching out to prospective clients. And we are giving out most of our services free for a specified period of time to the first brands that we bring on board.

You can be one of them!

Send us a mail now, and let’s know how we can work together in changing your world.

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(Chief Editor)

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