Why Your Healthcare/Health-tech Brand Needs Good Social Representation

Healthcare professional holding a digital device

This article first appeared in my personal newsletter, “UNBOUNDED.” You can check it out here. It has also been slightly edited. A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.  Lisa Gansky You can’t build in isolation and hope to cause any significant changes out there. People are social.  Business is social.  Life […]

Creating & Nurturing Productive Leadership Relationships

Leadership is influence — nothing more, nothing less John Maxwell Our progress in life as leaders greatly depends on the kind of relationships we decide to build and keep.  People who don’t care about creating and nurturing relationships “will go just far” — there’s a limit to how much they can achieve and how far they can go in their leadership life [and […]

The Healthcare Ecosystem In Nigeria Must Not Sleep Over The Coming Presidential Election

We have all been touched by the scourge of bad governance.  It’s like a pestilence that has ravaged our land without mercy as we watch, helpless.   The Nigerian healthcare sector in recent times has never risen above the dust.  We are either battling with poor salaries or poor infrastructure or empty leadership to “massive brain drain”. Now like never before in […]