We Are Extending Applications For The Healthcare To Healthtech Bootcamp

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Yes, we decided to extend the application period for the “Healthcare to Healthtech Bootcamp”, so that more healthcare professionals can apply. 

Also, we have decided to let you know that there’s an application fee attached to the BootCamp [so you don’t run away when we tell you there is a fee attached after applying]. 

Yes, a fee…

Why a fee? 

Well, it costs money to keep anything alive on the internet. 

We are spending money on virtually everything [and we are not Google or Apple or Amazon. We are a small Nigerian startup trying to change the world from our small space… claps & cheers...]

However, we are not charging you for the time we are spending designing and running this bootcamp. 

If we were actually charging for the effort injected into this project, the majority of you will think seven times [or more] before giving us your hard-earned money. 

You can do a little bit of research and find out how much it takes to buy a course that teaches anything about tech, either on Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable. 

You might get a couple of free or cheap courses, but I can tell you that there is hardly any element of community built around those free or cheap courses. 

I like free courses [I encourage you to take a couple of them to sharpen your perspective]. But it’s about COMMUNITY.

For you to gain access to any serious “Tech Community” you will have to pay a kind of fee or some sort of subscription [people work round the clock to create content, write copies, maintain websites, design creatives, and all sort of stuff].

And what we are asking you to pay as a one-off application fee for the three-month period that we will use to run this bootcamp is nothing compared to how much time & effort going into the designing [and building] of this bootcamp. 

You are not paying for the value that we are giving out. 

The fee is your commitment. 

People don’t respect it when it’s free.  

A one-time fee of Ten Thousand Naira [$24] for those who are currently working and a Five Thousand Naira fee [$12] for those who are still students [this is insanely cheap]. 

That’s not even up to the amount many of us spend on our monthly data subscription [or what we spend in one sitting eating in a luxurious restaurant in town]. That’s how much we are telling you to commit to this three-month healthcare to healthtech bootcamp. That’s how much we are telling you to commit to being part of a future project that has the capacity to transform Africa’s healthcare industry.

The Digital Health Course designed by The Medical Futurist is going for $250. And they are not going to teach you any digital skills, and besides, it’s even a basic course. 

Check it out here [in case you want to ditch us for The Medical Futurist]. 

We love The Medical Futurist Institute. It’s our dream that someday we can replicate something like that in Africa.

Why did we make it this cheap?

Now, it’s not going to be this cheap [but we hope to make it unbelievably affordable]. 

This is the first time a startup in Nigeria is attempting to do something like this, and this first cohort is a pilot study. 

After this, we will certainly raise the bar [not like a “pole volt’s” bar though].  

Photo by Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash — Raising the bar?

You are already privileged to find us at this early stage [and we are excited that we found you].  

And you should be excited! Because you are building with us. 

The first set of healthcare professionals will form the foundation of what we are building in Nigeria and Africa [the first of its kind, believe me].

Not many healthtech startups in Nigeria or Africa or even on earth are as enthusiastic as we are when it comes to exposing healthcare professionals to the realities of Digital Life. 

And, I will be open with you [because we are already buddies, right?] — It’s not easy. Running a startup [in Nigeria, pheww] built on a novel idea like ours [focusing on developing the capacity of healthcare professionals in the world of tech]. 

We honestly don’t have the funding. No sponsors, no partners, no grants. We are just pursuing our dreams. Though we believe it will definitely get better, of course, we do. 

So, friends…

To apply, send us an email at carecode@carecityonline.com

In that email introduce yourself and let us know why you want to enter the world of tech [make it simple, please]. 

When we receive your mail, we will guide you on the next step. 

Please, this is strictly for healthcare professionals who are serious about tech. 

If you know you are not serious, please don’t waste your time applying. 

We mean business. Right here and now we are building the future of healthtech in Nigeria and Africa. 

What you stand to gain is so much more than what you are going to pay. 

  • Direct mentorship with leaders in Nigeria’s healthtech industry.
  • Hands-on technical training.
  • Internship opportunities. 
  • Access to all of Carecode’s future activities [for free]. 
  • And an opportunity to work closely with Carecode in building the future of healthtech in Nigeria and Africa. 

Our facilitators and mentors are joining hands with us because they believe in this dream. They understand what the future of healthcare in Africa will look like if we work today to make sure that digital technologies become a core part of our healthcare systems.

And here they are, dedicating their time, expertise, and resources to building the future of healthcare in Africa.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me, directly. I will be glad to discuss it with you [I love it]. 

Ok, I think I should stop here, for now. 

Go ahead, send us a mail, and introduce yourself. 

Once we get your mail, we will guide you on what to do next. 

Enjoy the holidays. 

Remain Inspired. 

Ayinla Daniel [Bigdan]. 

For sponsorship and partnership, send us a mail at: info@carecityonline.com. In that mail, kindly introduce yourself/company/startup, how your vision aligns with ours, and how you think we both can benefit from the partnership.

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(Care City Editorial )

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