Celebrating Nurses’ Week | Reimagining Nursing Leadership: Re-positioning For Impact In A Digitally Driven World

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Celebrating Nurses’ Week

Reimagining Nursing Leadership: Re-positioning For Impact In A Digitally Driven World


In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world, it’s critical that nurses keep up with the speed at which the world is transforming. 

Failure to evolve as fast as society does will leave us behind, trapped in time, making it difficult for us to create any meaningful impact on society. 

The world knows that the healthcare ecosystem is more conservative and close-ended

And these unique characteristics have made the healthcare ecosystem somewhat slow in absorbing innovation as compared to the engineering ecosystem or the arts ecosystem or any other industry.  

This sluggishness in adopting certain forms of innovative concepts is understandable because we deal with real people here and not software or NFTs. 

Yet, the healthcare biosphere mustn’t be left behind to linger in the past, when other aspects of society are embracing the culture of innovation and changing the world. 

This sluggishness to engage, evolve, adapt and grow that plagues the world of healthcare also has direct effects on healthcare professionals. 

Healthcare professionals are so engrossed in their practice. 

They seldom have the time or are not motivated to engage in activities outside professional life. 

With this level of deep commitment, comes an expected degree of lack or deficiency, especially in accepting and using new technologies. 

However, it’s all changing as time flies.  

The 21st century has witnessed a drastic uptake of the innovative mindset amongst healthcare professionals. 

More healthcare professionals now approach their craft with a deeper sense of leadership mixed with professionalism, while taking note of the need to think innovatively. 

Though this mind shift hasn’t spread evenly across all spheres of healthcare, however, we are noticing a significant uptake of the innovative culture among healthcare professionals, especially nurses. 

Nurses are beginning to also understand the need to grow with the times and not be left behind. 

The massive worldwide advocacy for the need for governments and organizations to invest in the leadership development of nurses is gradually beginning to bear fruits. 

More nurses are realizing that nursing practice is not just all about clinical care [or bedside nursing]. 

It goes beyond the hospital. 

They are starting to explore the entrepreneurial aspect of nursing and healthcare. 

Many are beginning to pick interest in the world of Digital Health. 

More are also seeing the importance of research to the nursing profession. 

It’s so amazing. 

And this is just the beginning. 

What is going on now among the ranks of nurses globally is what we can call a strategic positioning. 

The whole concept of nursing leadership and innovation may be somewhat foreign to the nursing community, especially in Africa.   

We are just getting used to it. 

It’s still foreign to some tribes of nurses, that nurses can lead healthcare organizations and lead with results and impacts. 

That they can be in the field of clinical research and discover cures and treatments and methods and frameworks.  

That they can design healthcare solutions with the help of digital tools available today, and so much more potential here when we begin to take leadership and innovation seriously as a professional community.  

It’s A Digital World

The world has gone digital. And this is the best time for nurses to hop on the digital train. 

Nurses in Africa, who are understandably behind when it comes to exposure to digital technologies, must understand that they have a lot of work to do. 

They either find their way over to develop countries and experience the systems first-hand or they connect to the internet and learn all that they have to learn. 

Well, the majority have decided to choose to migrate to developed climes. While those left behind are connecting to online communities that are dedicated to propagating the message of innovation and leadership, like Care City

This year’s nurses’ week reminds all of us that we should put in more work. 

There are more grounds to cover. There’s a lot to accomplish together. 

And from experience, the only way that we can make a significant impact as a profession is by embracing the idea of community. 

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Embracing Community-styled Leadership

Community makes growth and development easy.  

In the confines of ‘community’, we can shareinteract and get better together. 

Everyone brings on board his or her rich exposures, experiences, and skills. 

This is one tradition that we have adopted at Care City

Community is an important tenet at Care City. It’s everything to us. 

In the next part of this series, we will talk about the concept of “Community Leadership.” 

To get the next part, kindly ensure that you are subscribed to our mailing [we will also send you important articles, essays, updates, and marketing info].  

Scroll down to the end of the page and punch in your details in the “subscribe to our mailing list box.”

Carecode Digital Health Hub is a health-tech startup that wants to close the gap in digital health literacy among healthcare professionals in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. 

That’s what we are here to do…

We know that once healthcare professionals understand the working concepts of digital health solutions it will be easier for innovative digital health solutions to penetrate the healthcare system. 

And as part of our mission, we are starting our first healthcare to healthtech bootcamp designed for healthcare professionals in Nigeria and Africa [we also welcome international colleagues who are passionate about the impact of digital technologies in healthcare]. 

It’s a 90-day bootcamp. 

We have brought together a team of digital health experts and leaders, tech specialists, and mentors. 

What we are doing is building a community. We know how powerful community is. How important and strategic it is to cause a change in society or any industry. 

To be part of this movement, kindly send us a mail at carecode@carecityonline.com telling us who you are and why you want to migrate into the world of tech. 

And be informed that there’s an attached acceptance fee of Ten Thousand Naira for the working class and Five Thousand Naira  for students. 

Once we get your application mail, you will be given a form to fill and from there you will be added to a closed Whatsapp group where further information will be disseminated. 

We can’t wait to have you build the future of healthcare in Africa with us. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please send me a direct message here:danielayinla@carecityonline.com… Or find us on Whatsapp.

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