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As the NUAHP elections approach without any iota of tardiness in a critical time in the annals of activism history in the land of Union Politics in the sacred heart of health in the Naija land, one would, without doubt, expect the usual forms of politicking to be displayed at their usual bests.

Fortunately, yet unfortunately, this period has become unusual even in familiar terrain. 

We now live in an era where it has become “legal (the norm)” to embark on industrial actions with the expectation to forfeit the salary(ies) that should accrue for the span of the strike, even if it is for the time being. 

It is now an era where “professionals” and “non-professionals” in any form of union, even if “amorphous”, will ask for what they stand to benefit individually first from the downing of tools if they will have to join the pulling of the plugs, even for the sake of some professional colleagues who have been wounded by the common enemy—the government. 

It is now an era in the health sector where everyone has become directly “equally” important before the ultimate sole customer—the patient/client, all just to be able to get a “reasonable” chunk of the “golden pie”—a good enough “commensurate” salary! 

What a time, what an era! In such a critical era where the big house—JOHESU, has inevitably, now not just gotten a huge crack but has now lost, without any form of debate, one of her most formidably potent constituent “arsenal”–the beautiful “descendants” of Florence Nightingale, until now in times of battle, it is now without any iota of reservations that the NUAHP bloc which has chosen to remain in the “city”, has become the most acidic weapon the amoeba now possesses even if the family is clearly not “united” as it should be; but at least she remains “man” enough to “chest” out any known opposition for now. 

Obviously, as a result of the foregoing, the forthcoming NUAHP elections have become more salient in the “fragile” times that we have found ourselves in the health sector. 

As we reflect right now, JOHESU has, coincidentally, drawn the sword not to prepare for battle but already on the battlefield and as it should be, the sisters in white are not at the war front with her erstwhile comrades at arms. 

That makes the already bubbling waters of the anticipated NUAHP elections more relevant in the scheme of things. If the NUAHP elections get this important, those vying for positions must also be critically important on the game board. And no matter how relevant all the contestants for the available positions are, the role of the national president takes precedence. 

That is where the electoral show needs to be made the show; that is exactly where Sotiloye needs to be. 

The Show! In these critically critical times, NUAHP needs a man of understanding or the capacity to lead and a man who has actually led and understood! 

Sotiloye was the inaugural chairperson of the NUAHP in arguably Nigeria’sNigeria’s most reputable Federal Government Teaching Hospital—The University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. 

He left behind a united front and a commendable legacy in terms of outstanding administration and management. 

The NUAHP UCH is alive and kicking for verifications to be made. 

Even at the JOHESU level, he has led at the University College Hospital, Ibadan too! 

He has also forayed into TUC politics as well in Oyo State. 

It is not just about state or hospital-level experience when it comes to union politics of this magnitude—national importance is key! 

His performance at the local level played no small role in his emergence as a national Deputy-president South for the NUAHP. 

Did he disappoint? The records show no red inks! One will only be in a state of illusion to state that the nature of the job in the hospital setting will not count in an election of this magnitude in this critical time. Because to understand the times, one must possess a relatively deeper understanding of the particular “environment” in question. 

We are now in the era of “clinical” and “non-clinical” relevance, and without any sense of ambiguity, it has come to stay and can only get stronger, not any less! 

This present situation again puts Sotiloye in a vantage position to be one fellow that is aptly equipped with first-hand experience and an understanding of the physician who lays claim to being the clinical head and the other healthcare professionals who are regarded as non-clinicians—he is a Clinician who can deal directly with the physician, the nurse, the health records professional, the dietician and even the healthcare assistants, etc. 

That position makes it easier for him to indulge in realistic intellectual engagements with respect to the welfare of those he will be leading and with the powers that be. 

Where one is coming from may not be as important as where one is headed is a common aphorism, but it is always obvious that where one comes from has some role to play in one’sone’s journey. 

More importantly, where one gets tutelage matters many a time because that usually gives an indication of the prospects. 

What is the point being driven here? The Comrade Felix Faniran phenomenon! 

Faniran is the only name to date that has sent shivers down the opposition’s spine concerning JOHESU and NUAHP without any need for debates. 

For example, the JOHESU and NUAHP’s birth can be traced to Faniran! 

Today Pharmacists, Nurses, Dieticians, Laboratory Scientists, Engineers and even the Legal units of government hospitals can rise to the Directorate cadre thanks to the fight thought, fabricated, led and achieved by Faniran, of course, as a magnificent unifying team player that he is! 

Why the reference to Faniran at this juncture? 

Comrade Sotiloye has got some roots in professional unionism from the very eloquent, ebullient, vocal, sagacious and witty activist Elder Faniran! 

Do you know what that means? He has got some tethering to the Faniran political ideology! 

At these seemingly divisive times in the life of JOHESU where the Nurses have gone neutral, it is clearly a window of opportunity where the NUAHP can wisely liaise, if not seek a merger, with them for a formidable front! 

As such, the pedigree of the fellow at the helms of affairs at the national pedestal of NUAHP becomes critical! Again, a clinician with a working experience directly alongside the nurse on the wards becomes relevant. 

Evidently, the leader of NUAHP will be a leader of multiple healthcare professional associations and will have to relate with other healthcare professional associations and non-healthcare professional associations. Any experience in that regard becomes ultimately advantageous. 

Again, that gives comrade Sotiloye some head start! 

Do you know why?

Sotiloye, the show, has got another valuable experience in that regard as a President of the Rotary Society in Oyo State! 

All in all, for now, the results of the forthcoming NUAHP elections will make or mar an appreciable number of things in the life of professional healthcare politics in the Nigerian health sector and, vis a vis, the welfare of all NUAHP and JOHESU members. 

The voting power is in the hands of the electorate; how it is used will determine what is gotten in the end. 

There is still time to lean towards the proven choice! My take, my opinion! 

I need a break right now. 

Likely a beginning… 

20:16 p.m. 25:05:2023 

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