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I am your Doctor


Dr. Paul Oyegbola

[Anesthesiologist, Uniosun Teaching Hospital, Osogbo, Nigeria]

I am your Doctor.

This is what I do:

Listen to your concerns from A to Z.

Rack my brain through myriads of diagnoses.

How colicky pain links to a brain tumor.

To the most likely cause of your discomfort.

Going through various tests I ordered.

My treatment course charted.

And boom! You’re back on your feet.

I’m that good. I was so trained.

I’m your doctor!

News of my expertise filters through my consulting room to the streets.

And praises upon praises go to the men and women who on their knees wailed to the Great One.

Stories of the handkerchiefs, amulets, chanting, oils and all become your testimony.

My efforts, my finesse with the scalpel.

The precision of my prescriptions counts for less.

It’s ok man!

It’s understood.

I’m not “the celebrity”.

I’m just your doctor!

It seemed to you that my colleague some time ago made the mistake.

And could not keep your cousin alive.

You presumed he was wandering about till your cousin bade the world goodbye.

Burdened, he fought through a dysfunctional system to help your cousin.

Eight other patients needed his help simultaneously.

The pain of his unpaid wages, of losing another life under his watch.

Were skilfully hidden under his ward coat.

But you cared less.

You called for his head.

“He was nonchalant, careless, heartless”, you say

The lives he saved before and after your sad event didn’t matter.

He was paid to take the blame anyway.

He’s the doctor!

The next time you see me in that ward coat.

Ask yourself: Am I the next enemy you’re about to make?

Or the guy you trust with decisions affecting your life?

Understand that I go through life too.

I worry about me, mine, and you.

Yet I won’t crack under pressure.

I fight inner battles while I give my best to make you feel better.

Sometimes, I have to conquer a lot in the system to get you the best care — the same efforts that seem negligible to you.

Look at me again.

I deserve the kudos, the well-done, the accolades!

I’m here for you till you get better, or till the Creator says it’s all over.

Appreciate each effort Bro!

Cherish me while I’m in your locale Sis.

I’m your doctor!

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