The Deep Collaboration In Africa’s Digital Health Ecosystem

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This Is Different and Exciting

This is different from the traditional professional relationships we are accustomed to in healthcare. 

We have been given an equal playground.

There’s no alpha and omega. Everyone is only interested in creating, in innovating, and solving problems

It’s so exciting to talk about, write about, and even more exciting to be right in the center, spearheading and pioneering

As I always write, the healthtech ecosystem in Africa is still budding. We are at the building phase. What we build today will be what will hold the future of healthtech in Africa.

And how are we building?

Community & Collaboration

This is the heart of any successful organization. Healthtech startups must learn the habits of community and collaboration.

You see, you can’t fake community.

You may pretend for a while, but before you know it, the mask falls off and people will see you for the liar that you are. 

This is the mistake some tech startups are already making in Nigeria. And I want to hope that this sick tradition does not find its way into the healthtech biosphere.

Even if it does, as for me and my own house, we have vowed to always respect community and take collaboration seriously.

A startup or a company is like a living organism. It needs the right dose of nutrients to remain healthy. It needs the right atmosphere and must be around the right kind of people to live long enough to achieve its purpose.

Startups that do not take community and collaboration seriously will never last long enough to produce a meaningful impact on society.

The people who make up your startup are loaded with all sorts of ideas. 

And the only way they can express these ideas is if they feel comfortable. 

This is what community does. It makes it easy for the people building with you to innovate, and those you serve with your services or products have no choice but to just stick with you. 

Consumers, customers, whatever you want to call them will always be ready to give their resources for value when they discover that they are part of a community that cares about them and not their pockets or bank accounts. 

The Unique Spirit of Collaboration In Africa’s Healthtech Industry

You can touch it, feel it and smell it. The camaraderie that exists among real healthtech innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs who are serious about solving problems and changing lives. 

No one is coming in here to lord it over anyone. We are all here to solve the problems that plague our dear continent.

The narrative is changing.

Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, and Medical Lab Scientists are all gathering under one roof to think of how we can solve problems. And this newfound collaborative energy will definitely spread to other areas of the healthcare ecosystem if we work together in keeping the momentum. 

Tech is making it possible.

Friends. Tech is inclusive.

Anyone can find an interest in it. Pay the price, learn and do great things.

You don’t have to study in any university to get a degree before you are validated to make an impact using tech. 

All you need is a heart that truly cares about solving problems and hands ready to work. That’s all you need. And that’s why I keep falling in love again and again with tech.

The endless possibilities. The excitement. The privilege. The opportunities. Men, women, boys, and girls are given access to use digital tools to solve problems.

I am grateful for the gift of tech. And I know it will transform the healthcare industry in Africa.

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Carecode Digital Health Bootcamp

We have gotten quite a number of applications for our forthcoming Digital Health Bootcamp organized by Carecode Digital Health Hub

Doctors, Nurses, Medical Students, Student Nurses, Med lab Scientists, and pharmacists are showing real interest in knowing more about healthtech.

The gates will be finally closing at the end of April, to enable us to concentrate on the next phase of this project. 

If you have not applied, kindly do so by sending us an email introducing yourself and letting us know why you want to jump into the field of tech or know more about tech to

Once we get your mail, you will be sent more details on what you have to do next.

We can’t wait to have you on board.

Seize this opportunity now… Become part of a community that believes in you. 

Ayinla Daniel Avatar

(Chief Editor)

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