Telemedicine Startups In Nigeria Can Crush Their Competition By Doing This ‘1’ Simple Thing

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If you have intentions of building a telemedicine startup in Nigeria, be ready to fight the competition.

More telemedicine startups are popping up all over the place in Nigeria [we don’t have the statistics now].  


Most of them are doing the same thing [only a few of them are adding unique features, like making it easy for HMO services to be integrated into telemedicine structures — that’s a cue]. 

How do you want to stand out?

Well, here’s what I think…

Healthcare is a conservative & close-ended space. 

Traditional marketing techniques may work, only with the right tweaks & adjustments [and market research].  

And from my little experience in the field of creating healthcare content and working with some healthcare-related brands in Nigeria, I discovered that healthcare & health-tech consumers love good information. 

Information that will educate, inform and if it does a really good job, entertain, and   

This is one element that can stand you out from the crowd as a healthcare or health-tech brand in Nigeria [doesn’t sound like serious stuff, right?]

Go Social, Or Go Home!

Photo by Aman Pal on Unsplash

Good Social Representation is absolutely important in the world of healthcare and health-tech [and any other industry under the sun].  

If your company or startup doesn’t take it seriously, then be rest assured that you won’t make any tangible progress or meaningful impact.

People are social, and they want to do business with social brands. They want to interact with social brands. 

And from my own stance, I think healthcare brands should be the most social brands on earth and not Coca-cola, selling us Sugar Water [sorry coke].  

You need to take time to create information “around your product and service.” 

This is where the work is. 


Healthcare and health-tech brands in Nigeria don’t want to spend time and resources creating information products that reflect their brand’s peculiarity [it’s actually hard work].

People are social and one vital component of socialness is “INFORMATION.” 

This is why top brands still rule their various niches. 

They take the art of creating information seriously and over the years they have seen how important it is and are going hard at it like never before [mega brands spend billions on advertising — they make Google richer and richer and richer]. 

Healthcare brands in Nigeria don’t care much about social representation [I hope I am wrong]. 

Some feel, oh, it’s healthcare, once they fall sick, they come to us and we stick needles into their buts and run tests on them. 

Ok, that sounds fair…

A lot of them are focused on other aspects of the business of healthcare. Very little attention is given to social representation. 

What about health-tech start-ups in Nigeria? 

Telemedicine, The New Kid On The Block

Photo by Terricks Noah on Unsplash

Telemedicine is new in town. 

The uptake in developed countries is still sluggish. It was the pandemic that sped up uptake. 

Not to talk of Nigeria.

Or Africa, where a good number of the population is still trying to understand the use of basic information communication technologies [even some healthcare professionals are still struggling with understanding digital technologies. And yeah! We are coming to the rescue. Our sister start-up, Carecode Digital Health Hub is dedicated to exposing healthcare professionals in Nigeria and Africa to the realities of Digital Technologies, find out more here].  

But hey, there’s only one way to break through this social barrier. And considering that a vast majority of the African population are young folks who have access to the internet. 

Once the people see how importantusefultime-saving, money-saving, and life-saving telemedicine services are, they will begin to [gradually] adjust, trust and utilize these technologies [it’s that simple]. 

That’s how powerful information is. 

If you are still holding back in investing time and resources in creating and developing useful information about and around your brand’s services and products I think you are doing your brand more harm than good. 

I wrote about the importance of social representation here. And I made emphasis on some important points.  

Lately, more healthcare and health-tech brands are seeing the importance of social representation and are working hard to use that channel to influence brand growth. 

Marketing is becoming like the oxygen of the online business world. And niche marketing is becoming a thing.

You don’t want to be left behind! 

Why do you think mega brands spend so much on Internet Marketing? Or on creatives or hiring copywriters? 

They know how important the right information is to their brand’s growth and survival. 

So, they go all out on marketing.

Besides, what’s a good product or service if no one knows what it’s all about or what it does for them.

And here we are.

Ready to create magic with you.

Create With Us

Go Beyond, Be Limitless…

At Care City, it’s our utmost desire to see that healthcare and health-tech brands are rightly represented online. 

We recently went big on Digital Marketing for healthcare and health-tech brands. 

We have spent considerable time online creating healthcare and health-tech content for our own use and for other brands.  

Along the line, we have built a team of web developers, writers, copywriters, editors, social media managers, graphic designers, videographers, and digital marketers, who we work with [and more than 80% of them are healthcare professionals].

Evolvehealth Media is our service arm dedicated to helping healthcare and health-tech brands build digital ecosystems for their brands.

What makes our team ‘sooo’ peculiar is that quite a good number of us are healthcare professionals. We work with Nurses, Doctors & other healthcare professionals who are smart and motivated digital creators and are ready to go beyond expectations.

If your healthcare or health-tech brand is ready to go out there and show the world what it got kindly reach out to us, we will be glad to work with you in bringing your dreams to life.

Send us a mail here: or at, telling us about your brand and how you want us to work with you.

Find out more about Evolvehealth Media here.

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