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A lot of Nurses & Healthcare Professionals are technophobic, they feel the digital world is meant for the "Steve Jobs" and "Bill Gates"; they do not know that they will do themselves and their communities a lot of good by understanding the working concepts of Digital Health.

What Is Carecode All About?

Innovation is the language we understand here at Care City.

We are not resting on our oars, we are not accepting the status quo, and we are dedicated to excellence in all ramifications.

From the depth of our desire to innovate, we are building a Digital Health Hub targeted at Health Care Professionals in Nigeria & Africa.

Carecode is our Digital Health Hub devoted to reaching Healthcare Professionals with the message of Digital Life in Africa, Nigeria, and beyond!

Carecode was created out of the desire to expose Health Care Professionals to the world of Digital Technologies, making them ready to take on the challenges that the “Digital Revolution” is bringing to the healthcare industry globally.

A lot of Healthcare Professionals are technophobic, they feel the digital world is meant for the “Steve Jobs” , “Elon Musks” and “Bill Gates“; they have not yet understood how important digital tech is to healthcare.

Especially in Africa and Nigeria. Healthcare professionals in Africa are not thoroughly exposed to digital life, due to quite a number of understandable reasons.

Carecode has come to bridge this gap, we want to make learning Digital Technologies easy and enjoyable for Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa.

This is why we created Carecode, to “teach them tech”, as part of the leadership and innovation endeavour of Care City.


The mission of Carecode is to expose, teach, inform, educate, and enlighten Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa about Digital Health Technologies, through the power of unparalleled, detailed, and easy to comprehend online courses, seminars/workshops, materials/publications and other digital tools, empowering them to become leaders and innovators in the ongoing digital health revolution taking over the healthcare industry.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s foremost Digital Health Hub for healthcare professionals.

Carecode Digital Health Bootcamp

As a startup, this is our first Bootcamp. Some weeks back we held our first Digital Health Conference.

And we are so excited about this Bootcamp. Though we had stopped receiving applications, we decided to re-open it for another one month to enable those who are not adequately prepared to prepare and to reach more healthcare professionals who have been waiting for an opportunity like this.

We have put together a team of digital tech specialists and leaders who are passionate about teaching, mentoring and leading the next generation of “tech-minded” healthcare professionals in Africa.

This 90-days BootCamp will empower healthcare professionals in Nigeria and Africa who are passionate about digital health with the right mindset, tools and community needed to start building a successful career in healthtech.

To apply, send us an email introducing yourself and telling us why you want to jump into the world of digital health to [please, keep it simple].

Once we receive your mail, we will guide you on the next steps to take.

Kindly note that you will be required to pay an acceptance fee of Ten Thousand Naira for those who are working and Five Thousand Naira for students [this fee covers the whole 90-days. Now, that’s little money compared to the massive value you will be getting from this project, right?]

We can’t wait to have you build, learn and change the world together.

Send us an email, we are waiting for you…

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