Innovation Always Wins

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“A new scientific truth does not win adoption by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but because its opponents eventually die. And a new generation comes up that is familiar with it.”

Max Planck

Innovation always wins.

Those who try to prevent the wind of innovation from moving things forward will eventually fade away. Naturally. And most times, quietly

That opening quote [which was part of a speech given by the renowned scientist, Max Planck] says it all. 

I love Max Planck. He was an astute scientist who deeply loved science and he was also a man of the arts. A very brilliant fellow. And he understood the concept of innovation. Deeply.

The world is seeing a new generation that is flexible and ready to learn new things. They are curious, interested, and enthusiastic about learning [not without their flaws].

Those who have been resisting change are slowly fading away.  

You see, it’s so natural. Like evolution. Before people like Max Planck and Albert Einstein arrived at the scene of science, there were a lot of scientific ideas that people held dear to their hearts. They never believed those cherished ideas were ever going to change. 

But something happened. 

Some men came by and changed the narrative because they dared to think differently. 

Both Planck and Einstein changed our understanding of Atoms and Time/Space, forever. 

Innovation will always win.

How are you embracing innovation in your business and life? Or are you trying to resist it? 

[Sometimes], innovation crawls in naturally and when we try to stop it, we find out that we are only hurting ourselves by preventing growth and development.  

Civilizations that have embraced the culture of innovation are the societies leading today’s world. This is the same thing with people. Those who will embrace innovation today will be the ones who will lead the world tomorrow. Systems and organizations that will yield to the spirit of innovation will never go to extinction. 

Is The Healthcare Industry Hostile Towards Innovation?

The healthcare industry is at a vital point in history. It’s changing. Absorbing a new culture. The Digital Culture. And the most important players in this industrial revolution are the healthcare professionals and the users [patients/clients].

The digital revolution is bringing a whole lot of innovations into the world of healthcare. Physicians are seeing clients through online platforms, reducing hospital visits. Artificial Intelligence is assisting clinicians in making diagnoses. Nurses are utilizing digital health tools in assessing, monitoring, and educating patients. The list is an endless one. And it’s already becoming reality. No longer theory or fiction.

Though the world of healthcare has been naturally slow in embracing the culture of innovation. We are now beginning to understand that if we do not welcome innovation [fast] there will be more harm being meted out to people seeking care, because the times have changed.

People have changed. The people of a hundred and fifty years ago are not the same people today. People now understand that they can seek healthcare from any where and they don’t always have to visit the hospital.

They are now beginning to understand what personalized care is. The type of care that is tailored to fit lifestyle, culture, orientation and environment. Healthcare is no longer a one-size-fits-all thing. And the only technological advancement that can provide these types of services is “Digital Health.”

And propagating the message of the adoption of digital health technologies is a big part of what we do at Care City. That’s we have a separate division, Carecode that is dedicated to anything that has to do with digital health.

Carecode is dedicated to exposing healthcare professionals to the realities of digital technologies. We have seen the future and we strongly believe that healthcare professionals should be at the middle of the designing of digital health solutions.

Recently, we held our first digital health conference as a startup and it was amazing. We had a couple of experts in the field of digital health in Africa come share their expertise and experience with our community. And from these interaction fresh ideas and new partnerships are been born that will add to the developments already on ground as far as the adoption of digital health technologies in Africa is concerned.

We are opened to productive partnerships. If you feel you have an idea that we can work with, you can always reach out to us here: We will be glad to work with you in changing the world.

The recordings of the conference will be made available soon. If you would like to gain access to it, kindly subscribe to our newsletter. Once it’s ready we will send it directly to your inbox.

Carecode is also working on a Bootcamp that is aimed at assisting healthcare professionals who want migrate into healthtech through mentorship and internship . More details will be communicated through our online communities, social media and our newsletter.

Ayinla Daniel Avatar

(Chief Editor)

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