Ten Digital Health Technologies That Will Transform The Future Of Nursing Practice In Africa |Part 1 | Carecode Digital Health Hub

I have studied closely global digital health progress trends, and I have been able to synthesize the information harvested from my study, bringing out useful facts & insights that can be utilized to help us map out the path that we can use to journey as a profession in today’s digital-driven world, with the hope that we will be able to strategically place ourselves to be relevant in the coming digital health revolution that is about to sweep the African continent very soon, that is if it isn’t already upon us. 

Carecode Digital Health Hub

Healthcare professional holding a digital device

A lot of Nurses & Healthcare Professionals are technophobic, they feel the digital world is meant for the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; they do not know that they will do themselves and their communities a lot of good by understanding the working concepts of Digital Health.

Future Of Healthcare: The Digital Perspective

Artificial intelligence for Data Mining, Remote Surveillance of patients on a ventilator, Rapid Testing, UVC light for SARS COV 2 Inactivation are enough instances to show how technology has assisted the Healthcare industry in combating the pandemic.

The Great Digital Shift – It Should Scare You!

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