Carecode Digital Health Hub Bootcamp: Graduating Our First Cohort

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We finally graduated the first cohort of our maiden digital health bootcamp yesterday. 

I am super excited right now. This is a giant leap for us at Carecode Digital Health Hub. It means a lot, honestly. What started as a simple idea is gradually becoming a reality. 

You know, one of the sweetest feelings for entrepreneurs and visionaries is when they see their ideas gradually become reality. It’s not even about money, fame, or any other thing. Just seeing ideas and dreams materialise is enough satisfaction for them. 

I know that we still have a long way to go as a startup. A very long way. 

There are certain things we still need to put in place; structures to erect; systems and methods to inject into our growing community. We are ready to learn, re-learn, and unlearn. We are ready to do what it takes to bring our dreams to life. 

In life, I have always lived by one simple principle, and that’s the principle of starting by faith. 

You don’t have to have everything before you start. The most important thing that you need is your ability to learn, innovate, connect, and grow. That’s all you need. Believe me. 

A lot of smart folks remained on shore because they were waiting to have it all before they set sail. While others were building rafts and sailing, they were waiting for big ships. I don’t believe in waiting for big ships. I believe in setting sail and moving out! 

We started Care City and Carecode with little to no knowledge about how to build a startup. It was along the line that I learned most of the things that helped me. And I am still learning a lot, I mean a whole lot. 

This maiden bootcamp has taught me a lot of leadership lessons. Here are some of them: 

You need people to bring your dreams to life

You can’t do it all alone. It doesn’t matter how strong or smart you feel you are. 

Your ideas are not perfect

It doesn’t matter how attractive you feel your ideas are. There are still natural gaps and deficiencies that can only be filled by other people who share your dreams. Steve Jobs didn’t build Apple all alone. Bill Gates didn’t build Microsoft alone. These guys had people who worked with them to build their companies. 

You need to be consistent

Herein lies the slayer of great ideas. Without consistency, you will never push a great idea far enough. You must love your idea so much to do anything to keep it alive. And being consistent is one of the biggest things you must do to keep your ideas alive.

You need to learn how to network

Build leadership relationshipsThere are people out there who will join you in building that idea. It doesn’t matter how the idea may look to you. Just start and learn the principles of networking. You see, networking goes deeper than what most people do these days. It’s all about building relationships, healthy relationships, productive ones, and not the ones that always take from you without adding anything to your life. No one wants to be associated with a parasite. Not even a parasite.

You will fail

There’s no doubt about this. Failure is normal, it’s the leader’s scar. If you run away from failure, you will never make progress. It’s a natural principle. Today, young people don’t want to fail. No one is saying you should jump into failure when you see it. But when it comes [because it will come], learn from it. Embrace failure with enough courage to become better afterwards.

You will want to give up

Impostor syndrome will set in. You will feel you are wasting your precious time doing nonsense. These are the things that will test your loyalty to your ideas.

Friends. Ideas are like tiny, helpless babies. We need to give our whole beings to nurturing them. A time comes when the ideas grow big and begin to take care of you. As for me, I have lost count of the times that I have wanted to give up. Like I said earlier, it’s normal. You are not weak for contemplating the idea of giving up. You are weak when you actually give up and abandon your ideas.

You need to keep learning

As a writer, I know what it means to keep learning. I read a whole lot of stuff daily. It doesn’t matter if I am busy, sick, or tired. I must read. That’s what I do to stoke the stove of my creativity. Be hungry to learn. If you don’t take learning seriously or if you abhor it, in no time you will faze out. It’s like dying in your sleep.

People will mock your ideas

That’s normal. People who mock your ideas are not essentially bad people. They don’t just see what you see. So, give it to them, and keep building and growing. Soon, they will see what you are building and start to praise you. loudly.

Ideas take time to grow

Don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy the process. Nurturing ideas is similar to planting. There’s time to plant seeds and a time for harvest. And there are important things you must do to ensure that your plant grows up the right way– water, good soil, nutrient and sunlight.

There’s still a lot I want to share with you. But let me stop here for now. I will write a more elaborate post which will capture everything I have learned so far. 

We will be starting a new cohort pretty soon. And if you would like to secure your space, kindly send us a Whatsapp message now to reserve your spot. 

The next cohort is going to be better, and it will include a variety of exciting programmes [technical and leadership]. And guess what? We are giving a discount to the first five people who reach out to us to secure their spot

Who Is Carecode Digital Health Bootcamp For? 


It’s for healthcare professionals who want to use the ‘magic’ of technology to transform healthcare. 

If that describes you, then you should be here with us. 

Our students have a lot to say about the bootcamp. Many of them were amazed at the value that they took away for so tiny an amount [we made the registration fee for the first cohort insanely small]. 

Well, we don’t know how much we are going to charge for the next cohort. But I am certain that it will be something you can afford. It’s not going to blow your bank account. Besides, you won’t get what we offer you anywhere on earth [or on Mars or Pluto]. Do you think I am exaggerating? 

No, I am not. What Carecode is going to give you is a family, a community of healthcare professionals who are all passionate about using the intelligence of digital technologies to transform healthcare. 

And we have a bias toward Africa. 

Yes, I know, we are going to be a global brand. 

But Africa needs more innovative initiatives like this.  

It looks as if we are lagging behind. And what Carecode wants to do is to lift the healthcare ecosystem in Africa to a point where we can compete on a global scale using the power of technology. 

We have what it takes. What we just need is the right community. This is what Carecode wants to build… 

Oops, I have written too much [this is already more than a thousand words]. 

In this week’s edition of “Care City Weekly,” I will write an elaborate article detailing all that I have learned throughout the bootcamp. It’s going to help my friends who want to venture into the world of healthcare entrepreneurship

I will also be sharing leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship lessons and tips from other avenues with you. 

If you have not yet subscribed to “Care City Weekly,” kindly do so now. It’s totally free [no strings attached].

Catch you soon!

Again, big congratulations to our friends who just graduated. The journey has just started. 

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(Care City Editorial )

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  1. Kanyinsola Arojojoye Avatar
    Kanyinsola Arojojoye

    It was awesome starting the journey of Product Design with carecode bootcamp. A great foundation has been built, now we can have a big dream coming to reality soon. The best is yet to come.

    And I as well just learned from the leadership lessons, thank you for sharing

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