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Basics of Python Programming Language For Healthcare Professionals: Python Appreciation For Beginners In The Healthcare Industry

This is a rare opportunity for you as a healthcare professional in Nigeria & Africa who is enthusiastic about Digital Health to start your journey in the world of Technology. Let us provide you with the impetus needed. Start with Python Programming Language, the most versatile programming language in the world.

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Digital Health Review

An Intelligent Digital Cure To Type 2 Diabetes?

Sustain is a digital product designed by Lifebox Lab, that intelligently innovatively makes use of remote medical carebehavioral science, and personalized nutrition therapy to help reverse the negative effects of type 2 diabetes, and maybe eliminate it (as the case may be).

I took my time to analyze all the information that they have made available to the public. From basic information about Lifebox Lab to understand how their new product/service works. And this post includes some of my conjectures and observations.

The World Health Organization gives a straightforward definition of Diabetes Mellitus

“Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a metabolic disorder of chronic hyperglycemia characterized by disturbances to carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism resulting from absolute or relative insulin deficiency with dysfunction in organ systems.”

A lot of jargon for those who may not understand. Ok, let’s call Diabetes Mellitus, Sugar Disease“. 

Our bodies need sugar for a lot of things [our brain is the biggest consumer of glucose]. If we have little glucose in our bodies, it’s going to cause problems for us. On the other hand, if we have too much glucose in our bodies, there will be a problem too. 

“Insulin is an important hormone that makes sure that there isn’t too much glucose in the bloodstream. When glucose becomes too much in the blood, there are biochemical pathways that are activated that trigger the release of insulin – don’t get bored…”

So, the body has intrinsic physiological pathways that help maintain how glucose is utilized in the body [usage, storage & elimination]. 

In Diabetes Mellitus [all types], there is a little glitch in the system that regulates the metabolism of glucose [breakdown, usage, storage & elimination]. 

There are a number of causes or predisposing factors [situations that make it possible for an individual to become diabetic, either Type 1 or Type 2, the other type occurs during pregnancy, and shouldn’t be a problem] – Genetic Factors, Social Factors [lifestyle], Damage to the Pancrease from accident, inflammation, or other intrinsic pathologies, etc…it’s a long list, don’t let us bore you with all that…

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