Our mission is to inspire Healthcare Professionals in Africa [and all over the world] to do more with DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES”

it’s actually that simple…

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How Do We Want To Do It?

To us, it’s an adventure, an exciting one… We want Healthcare Professionals in Africa to be ready to take on the innovative challenges that the coming DIGITAL revolution is about to bring to the healthcare industry in Africa…

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Digital Health
Ayinla Daniel

Harnessing The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In Africa’s Healthcare Ecosystem: The Possibilities And Sharing Ideas

By embracing AI-powered tools, healthcare professionals can significantly augment care delivery and improve patient outcomes. From early diagnosis and personalised treatment plans to remote patient monitoring and health education, AI can bridge the gap in healthcare access and enhance the overall quality of healthcare in Africa. Nevertheless, Africa must embrace AI and make it easy for AI technologies to thrive, grow and benefit the people.

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Digital Health And Health Tech Reviews

Boosting healthcare delivery with cloud Technology care city media

Boosting Healthcare Delivery With Cloud Technology

Commentary On Microsoft's Strategy To Enhance Healthcare Delivery With Cloud Technologies

“If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that flexibility overcomes fragility. Data-linked, tech-facing healthcare systems must deploy a resilient core toolkit of secure, cloud-based capabilities to face any challenges in uncertain times.”

What we are doing with "Carecode Digital Health Hub" is to create a community of healthcare professionals who are ready to put in the work in building a healthcare ecosystem that will benefit fully from Digital Technologies!"

Replay of Carecode Digital Health Conference | April, 2022 [Virtual]

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