Celebrating Nurses All Over The World!

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Nurses Week (month) is a memorable time of the year earmarked to celebrate nurses for who they are, what they represent, and their immense and irreplaceable contributions to global health and the economy. 

The nursing profession is unique. As a vital part of the healthcare ecosystem, nurses are the ones who stand closest to the patient, forming an essential bridge that connects the care processes within the hospital or care systems. This proximity fosters a unique bond of empathy and respect. 

In May, the world celebrates nurses’ selflessness, dedication, humility, tenacity and hard work.  

From nurses in New York to those in Brazil, China, cold Ireland, faraway Australia, and to the hot, dusty and dry Sub-Sahara—in Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Sudan, and to South Africa, Egypt, Papua New Guinea—the whole world celebrates nurses this month. 

Nurses are everywhere; they are like oxygen. The only place we don’t need oxygen is the grave

The ubiquitous nature of the nursing profession has brought a lot of improvements to the profession and, as expected, significant challenges.

Nurses are needed everywhere — in schools, in factories, amid war, on planes and ships, in the military barracks, and even in space

The nursing profession has undergone considerable transformation. A thorough, continuous cultural evolution has brought the profession to its current state, and it’s still experiencing significant change, even in this modern age where technology is influencing the practice of healthcare.

International Nurses’ Month should be a reminiscing season for the global nursing community

All nurses should sit back and consider how far the profession has come, where it is, and where they would like it to be. 

We all must look within ourselves and think of ways we can contribute to the forward movement of the nursing profession. 

There are still a lot of grounds to cover, barriers to break, misconceptions to dismantle, history to be made, discoveries to make, and innovations to bring on board, and no one’s going to do this for us; we must arise and do it ourselves. 

Beyond the celebrations, media campaigns, memes, jokes, and parties, what is more important is how much we are thinking and working to make the profession a better one for us now and for those coming into it in the future. 

At Care City, we have been contributing to the advancement of the profession through our publications, community building, and advocacy in our little way for some time now, and we believe we will keep doing more! 

With more dedicated efforts from all of us, we will gradually push the profession to its rightful place. 

We have many plans for this Nurses Month, and I don’t want you to miss out. 

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This is, to our nurses, our future. 

Ayinla Daniel Avatar

(Chief Editor)

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