About Care City

On an adventure to finding out how much more we can do to inspire registered nurses & healthcare professionals to do more…”

Care City is a Health Digital Media Company. Our primary goal as a community is to inspire healthcare professionals in Nigeria, Africa & all over the globe to do more in Healthcare Innovation/Digital Health, Healthcare Leadership, and Healthcare Management, preparing them for the digitalized future of healthcare.

By incorporating several digital media tools, from writing & publishing content (audio-visuals, etc) that our audience can interact with, to collaborating with communities that share our core idea of innovation leadership, these and many other innovative strategies are how we intend to bring our dreams to existence. 

We understand how diverse and vast the healthcare community is. Considering the dramatic and drastic changes that the 21st century has brought. We uphold a very high standard of inclusion in our working principles.

Powered by a team of highly motivated healthcare professionals and Innovation Enthusiasts, we are striving to be a community where healthcare professionals who are seeking to grow in the adventurous fields of innovation and leadership will find warmth and inspiration to keep moving.

We are a startup, driven by a passion to see that the healthcare industry in Nigeria & Africa is ready to take on the innovative challenges that the digital revolution is about to bring to developing communities in Africa.

Though we have a strong focus on the Nursing Profession, we have been able to understand deeply the principles of “collaboration.” 


This insight has made it possible for us to be able to spread innovative energy across a variety of healthcare specialties, allowing us to also learn from the experiences and exposures of others in the healthcare space.

We are open to collaborations on all levels. Dedicated to making sure that our readers and the healthcare community in Nigeria, Africa & the world are provided with accurate, inspiring, entertaining, educative, ethical & relevant healthcare & related information/content.


Our Digital Health Hub

Our Digital Health Hub, Carecode is dedicated to creating content & organizing events that are geared at motivating Registered Nurses & Healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa to learn about digital health. Preparing them for the future, and inspiring them to do more in the the area of healthcare innovation/digital health.

We hold online classes regularly, and free webinars & seminars. We are also planning on designing Digital Health Courses tailored for the Nigeria. & African Healthcare Industry. 




We have always had the dream of reaching out. Care City is dedicated to contributing to developing communities in Nigeria & Africa. 

We have a strong desire to see that our communities here are connected with the resources that they need to lead better lives. 

From advocating for proper healthcare coverage (for Mother & Child, The Girl Child & The Aged), to clean water, safe environments, renewable energy, etc, utilizing the Sustainable Development Goals as a guide to help us plan and execute our ideas. 

Collaboration once more is that tool that we have seen that has the capacity to make it easier for us to reach our goals as a community. As we reach out to other communities and bodies that share our desire, we hope to connect with them and provide as much help as we can provide to those in need.

If you are interested in knowing more about our community projects, or you want to be a part of what we are doing, you can send us an email at info@carecityonline.com We want to hear from you.



Care City’s mission is founded on the rugged desire to be at the forefront of health care innovation in Nigeria and Africa.
Striving to utilize the energy in digital life to improve health care in Nigeria and Africa, through developing innovative healthcare solutions; creating research driven content (articles, essays & blog posts); inspiring registered nurses and healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa to do more in the field of healthcare innovation & digital health; collaborating with other organizations that share our ideals & doing all that we can to make sure that the healthcare industry in Africa is prepared to take on the innovative challenges that the Digital Health Revolution is about to the bring to the industry.


To be the leading destination for information & inspiration for registered nurses & healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa who are passionate about Healthcare Innovation, Healthcare Leadership & Digital Health.


Excellence, community, innovation and leadership. These are the elements that make up our core values as a community.