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Is It Safe For Africans?

Africans, are we always in the middle of the cross-fire, trying to save our heads, while not knowing what happens beyond the horizon?

Our so-called political leaders are busy, occupied with plans on how to either increase taxes or stop young citizens from carrying out peaceful protests, while being blind to reality.

Colonialism has left irreparable dents in the wall of our civilization. Errors that will take a whole generation of vision-driven Africans to repair. And yet, today, we see with our weary eyes, different shades of colonialism – modern techniques, plaguing the free states of Africa.

In the early days of the emergence of the pandemic, horrible predictions went ahead, concerning how Africans were going to be killed by this pandemic, considering the fact that our healthcare system is poor, weak, porous & unreliable, though we are growing, becoming better, it’s slow and this kind of development is long overdue.

With our boast of 1.8 hospital beds per 1,000 people, compared to France’s 5.98 beds per 1,000 people.

“Africa would see 122.8 million infections, 2.3 million hospitalizations, and 300,000 deaths.”

The developed world thought that we were going to die like flies. Many of us never knew what they predicted, because a good number of us are more worried about what we will put in our bellies and shelter to cover our heads from rain & sun, than what people beyond the sea think about “the kokoro that is gradually eating away parts of humanity.” (an African proverb I tweaked a little bit).

Somehow, we survived. People died, and are still dying, but we have not fulfilled the white prophecy said over the black nation. Dead bodies do not litter the streets. Our hospitals are not overwhelmed. I find myself every day sitting in a crowded bus of people who no longer wear face masks, with myself being an odd exemption many times.

There was a ventilator acquisition frenzy at some point. Ventilators we never needed, so to say.

Donations came in from wealthy individuals, and nations alike, heaping up to become mountains of attractive palliatives – in cash & food – though some leaders in some African states did not hesitate to show the world their primitive angles, hoarding the free stocks meant for the people – sounds familiar?

I was among the first eyewitnesses to observe the first suspected cases in Nigeria. Isolated for two weeks. At that time, we were just getting to understand what was going on. And up until now, we have not yet understood what is going on. Or have we?

Behold a vaccine has been produced by the developed world that predicted our march into oblivion. And many spooky theories surround the sinister intention of this new vaccine.

Some say it has some bits of molecular poisons targeted at the black race, to distort our DNA’s.

Others, speaking from a religious point of view, say that it has something to do with the Anti-Christ. And so many other scary and disturbing theories/hypotheses, flying all around, making us think and wonder if we know what we are doing.

Should Africans take the vaccine?

We surprised them, by sheer grace. We did not die in large numbers. I read an article online, talking about WHO giving a particular African president some money to contaminate his cure for the Corona Virus, seeing that his own cure is authentic (the yellow stuff) and their own stuff (the green one) is poison. I don’t know how authentic stories like these are, I embedded a video, if you would like to watch an interview with the president of Madagascar.

The article concluded with the statement that we all should run away from taking the vaccine.

I know that there are a lot of things going on that we do not understand. And my question remains – what is the truth?

If a vaccine was presented to you, will you take it? Should we take it?

Well, as for me, who has seen first hand how this virus deals with the human body, especially those who are older (55 years above), eating up their lung tissues and rendering them useless, incapable of performing the vital physiological functions of oxygenation, I think a vaccine should do us some good.

But on the other hand, I think we should not be in such a hurry. We are terrified by what the media tells us. Are we in the middle of some invisible war between good and evil? Is Africa the battleground? I sincerely don’t know much. Whatever it may be, I still believe that we are going to surprise them once more.

I discussed with some of my colleagues (a Physician & a Critical Care Nurse) some days ago, about the issue of taking a vaccine, if it was made available. And their responses were straight – they are not willing to take any vaccine, without mincing words.

Talking about vaccines. Will African countries buy these vaccines? I know that the developed world will definitely consider their children first, before even thinking about Africa, who cares about Africa?

But, I tell you this, with or without this vaccine, we will thrive. I am not saying you should not take a vaccine if it comes to you. Who doesn’t want a cure? We all do.

What I am simply saying is that we have to know what we are doing, and where we are headed.

Are We Being Misinformed?

If the vaccine is safe, why not, we will take it. But is it safe? Safe for us, third world countries? A rush vaccine, one that we have not fully understood. Should we take it? Will you take it? Will I take it?

I am a Critical Care Nurse, and I know what the virus can do. I have seen it kill. And I have been excited about the development of a vaccine, but I still have my worries, sincere worries.

We need a cure, but my question stands – Is it safe for AFRICANS?

Happy New Year to our beloved readers. We will work harder in the new year to bring to you pure inspiration. Let us keep inspiring you to do more.

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