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It’s our aim as a “Health Media Startup” to ignite conversations, influence culture, and inspire Healthcare Professionals in Africa through true journalism, community engagements, innovative storytelling, and commentary on innovation, leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurship in healthcare. 

True education sets the mind free. It releases the man from the shackles of ignorance and brings out dormant treasures. 

Ayinla Daniel
Ayinla Daniel

Founder & Editor of Care City


The aim of the Towards Leadership Programme is to empower talented, emerging scientists in Africa to compete successfully for UKRI MRC and other major funding opportunities in global health research.

The program is directed towards winning grant funding, empowering effective teams, collaborating internationally, influencing stakeholders, and building rewarding research careers.

Together, we are investing in talented African scientists in Sub-Saharan Africa, enhancing their global health research and leadership potential.

With appropriate mentorship, young professionals can easily navigate the rough and uncertain terrain of professional life.

FYNI has come to close this wide gap; a lack of appropriate mentorship among the community of young nurses in Nigeria. 

As the healthcare ecosystem keeps embracing the digital culture, more healthcare professionals are developing interests in the world of digital technologies. 

Here are the top five questions I have been asked by healthcare professionals about migrating into the world of digital healthcare technologies. 

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There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.

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