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There is a massive revolution currently rocking the boats of every industry under the sun, and it’s the almighty digital revolution

The world is no longer changing, it has changed, for good. 

Humanity has seen the need to leave the old ways of doing things behind. Now, things are done ‘digitally’. 

And if you refuse to follow this good trend, you will be left behind

Digital health is already the mainstay of 21st-century healthcare delivery. Healthcare providers and patients have realized this truth and have begun to adapt and adjust accordingly. 

I read a report from Forbes, and it made me think, deeply. Fortunately, the co-founder of Carecode also saw that report and shared a portion of it as a screenshot with me on Whatsapp, and I told him that I had already bookmarked that same report to study it at a more relaxed time. 

Here is the part that caught our attention: 

“Clinicians predict that over the next 10 years “technology literacy” will become their most valuable capability, ranking higher than “clinical knowledge.” In fact, 56% of clinicians predict they will base most of their clinical decisions using tools that utilize artificial intelligence. However, 69% report being overwhelmed with the current volume of data and 69% predict the widespread use of digital health technologies to become an even more challenging burden in the future. As a result, 83% believe training needs to be overhauled so they can keep pace with technological advancements.”

Well, I saw this a few years ago, and that was what inspired me to start Care City and Carecode. It was a simple mission — go into the world and expose Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, and all other healthcare professionals [especially in Africa] to the realities of digital life, inspiring them to do more. And in pursuing this vision, I realized that two elements must be put into consideration — innovation and leadership.  

Don’t Be Left Behind

Healthcare professionals all over the globe and especially in Africa must begin to understand the future of healthcare. 

The future is unfolding right before our eyes. And those who do not prepare for it will be left behind. They might become irrelevant or left at the bottom of the ladder. 

Are you ready for the digitalized future of healthcare? 

The only way to be ready is to have access to ‘good information’. Information directs, guides, and instructs you. This is why we have brought together a team of digital health experts in Africa to give us information that can guide, direct and inspire us. 

Our upcoming Digital Health conference is designed to inspire you to position yourself for the future of healthcare. 

If you have not yet registered, kindly do so using this link. And if you have registered, do the world some good, share the link with someone who you think will benefit from it. 

And from that conference, we will be launching something really big for healthcare professionals who are serious about migrating into the world of tech. 

Come on, seize this opportunity and become a part of this revolution. 

If you have questions or concerns or you would like to volunteer, sponsor or partner, kindly send us an email here, we will be glad to work with you. 

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