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This brief essay may not be able to provide a plethora of ideas about this subject, but it sure contains useful ideas that can help you in one way or the other to develop the desire to start volunteering your skills, time, and ideas. Enjoy.

Preaching about volunteering in a modern world where what all people desire from work is getting paid, is like telling people to go a month without their smartphones – possible, but difficult.

The making money mentality gradually eats this generation like a cankerworm, a hidden cancer. 

Young fellows no longer consider volunteering their time, talents, and in extreme cases money if they have nothing to gain.

I am a staunch advocate of volunteering, simply because I am understanding the benefits of this simple and noble act.

“Volunteering is the deliberate act of providing your services for a cause without expecting gains or returns. It’s as simple as that.”

Now, let us dive straight into the current!

Why should you volunteer?

For young professionals, who are just leaving school, the tool of volunteering does great good to their budding careers.

First, it prepares them ahead, especially if you are able to secure a volunteering position in an industry of your choice i.e what you studied in school (Almost like an Industrial Attachment, but a little different, in that it’s not formal, it’s an ‘informal’ decision, your choice, and it does not always have to be in your professional field).

When you are done studying, don’t just hang around waiting for a job with a fat salary; a salary as big as your ego. 

Look for something doing. My advice for fresh graduating registered nurses is that the moment they leave school, they should quickly look for volunteering openings, it could be in a hospital, an NGO, any opening at all that has volunteering positions.

As these young ones get involved, they begin to see how the real world works, they get engaged, begin to interact, by so doing are they not getting prepared?

Instead of staying at home looking for great jobs! Out there on the volunteering fields, you can get contacts that can connect you to something big, you can equally create relationships that can go a long way to affect your career in the future.

What does volunteering do to your mind?

It releases you of the selfish primal desire to always get rewarded for what you do, your skills, talents, and time. 

I know it is paramount that we learn so that we can earn, but most times, it is good we do something’s for free, not necessarily charity. By so doing, there is a greater profit attached to it, the feeling that you did something for someone or for a noble cause without any physical reward(s) attached.

Oh! They are rewards. In the atmosphere of volunteering, you meet other people like you, folks who have your kind of heart and providence gifts you a relationship built out of a pure cause.

Many advanced fellows use volunteering as a form of relaxation, where they cool and relax, a form of vacation or a holiday. 

More so, modern technology has made volunteering easier, you can now volunteer your services online, you do not have to be there physically or be in that country, you can give yourself out online; online volunteering platforms.

I am not talking about charity or donations here, I am talking about real people giving their time, talents, and person out for free.

Consider This…

Take out some time, look around you, search for openings that require volunteering services, it can be your local worship center or a school or an NGO, even hospitals. Anywhere you know that your skills will be needed and appreciated. 

Approach the organizers or management, introduce yourself and get working.

Most volunteering outlets do not really need much expertise from the side of the volunteers, a heart ready to work and learn is all that is needed most times.

If you are a health care provider, search for activities around you that may need your expertise; go, volunteer, give your expertise for free and when you do so, you will feel a warmth, a special kind of one – you are working, but you are not getting paid in physical currencies.

For the younger fellows who are still looking for jobs, go and become a volunteer, happily give out your budding skills in the fields of volunteering.

For the older fellows, take some time out and volunteer your advanced skills. You will be doing the World greater good, remember, the greatest gift is you.

Volunteering & Innovation.

In the next article, the second part, I will talk about the relationship between volunteering and innovation. Do hang around.

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