Care City: Our Goals and Aims, in brief words.

In this short article, I will try as much as it is possible to tell you a little about Care City. Care City is a dream, Care City Blog is just a part of the dream.

Let me give you a synopsis of my intention. I created care city blog to carter for the information needs of Registered Nurses, though with a deep interest in the information needs of other health care professionals, I have nursing at the core of the matter.

There is a need for there to be effective communication amongst health care providers, especially in Nigeria and Africa and Care City will contribute its part in cultivating this culture by encouraging interaction, disseminating information that covers a wider range and addresses rare and important issues.

• The best commentary on trending and serious health matters in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the globe are featured, handpicked analyses that will inform, motivate and teach you.

• The distinct goal of Care City Blog is to integrate into one blog the diverse perspectives and viewpoints of the health sphere, touching matters that bother on policies and government, lifestyle and professional matters, advanced practice Nursing/Medicine, and a wide variety of interests, weaved in such a way that informs, enlightens, motivates and causes learning in everyone who reads it.

• Care City seeks to use the medium of writing and other effective methods to inform, educate, entertain and motivate health care practitioners, especially Nurses.

• Partnership is a vital element of bringing a vision to life. The visions of Care City will be brought to fruition through effective partnership with the bodies interested in utilising the power of ICT.

We want every registered nurse to be “information healthy.” It is my dream to see that Nurses and Health Care Providers begin to play their roles in the Global Health Coverage Initiative, utilising the energy in Information Communication Technology. I believe with these few words, I have been able to give you an overall idea of what Care City is all about. I can’t wait to have you on the team, striving together to make sure Health care reaches more people with the help of ICT.

Send me a personal mail @, and I will gladly reply.

Best regards!

Ayinla Daniel (R.N)
(Chief Editor Care City Blog).

Photo Credit: ben o’bro @unsplash


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