We Are Back From Our Brief Hiatus

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Hello to all our wonderful readers. 

We were on a brief hiatus here at Care City and are very excited to be back. 

Breaks and rests are necessary for productivity. 

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders need to learn this truth. 

We spent our little break learning new things and preparing for the future. 

Innovation is primarily about learning new things, discovering new styles, methods and techniques and preparing for the future. 

As a publication brand heavily focused on innovation and leadership in healthcare, we strive to do what we preach. 

Part of our learning and strategies for the future is to create a website readers and users would enjoy. One that reflects the spirit of our brand.

Our present website needs to evolve with us as we step into the future of web content and publication. 

We are learning a lot as a growing healthcare media brand, and we are glad that our readers, friends, and partners have supported us at each stage of our growth. 

Our website has gradually evolved over the years to what it is today (you need to see how it looked like some three or four years back). We are doing all we can within our capacity as a growing brand to improve it for our readers (we utilise the little resources we have to get things done and we are very open to partnerships and collaboration). 

We were supposed to have improved our website during our short break, but we encountered a couple of hurdles that held us back. 

So, instead of prolonging the break, we have decided to resume publishing, but not actively on our website; instead, we would focus on building our Substack newsletters. 

Our Substack newsletters have been powerful tools that have enabled us to reach more readers. 

While we wait for our website to undergo necessary upgrades, we will focus heavily on building our Substack newsletters. 

If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so now.

We have two primary newsletters. 

Care City Weekly is our general newsletter, while The Digital Health Report focuses on digital health. 

Subscription is free, and we have a lot of engaging, exciting and wonderful content lined up for the next few weeks. 

You can also tell your friends and colleagues about our newsletters; it helps us take our message of innovation, leadership and digital health technology to more interested readers. 

Also, if you have ideas to help us grow, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me here: daniel.ayinla@carecityonline.com. 

Have a wonderful weekend ahead. 

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