The Year of The Nurse & Midwife – The Innovative Pathway.

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The Year of The Nurse & Midwife – The Innovative Pathway.
Ayinla Daniel, RN.
(Care City).

“Nurses are better placed/positioned by virtue of their professional roles to make more lasting impacts through health care innovation, this is so because of their proximity to the patient and their mandatory interaction with other health care professionals in the health team; they serve as a compulsory link between the patient/client and the health care team.” – Ayinla Daniel, RN.

“Modern nursing may be unrecognisable from the work of Florence Nightingale, but she would burst with pride at how far our profession has come. Marking two hundred years since her birth with this dedication is extremely fitting.

Dame Donna Kinnair, the Royal College of Nursing’s Acting Chief Executive and General Secretary.

I love this theme, it evokes a form of excitement, its energy, the simple but deep message it tries to pass across to us, yes us, Nurses.

It’s her 200th birthday, if she was still alive, I wonder how she will feel about Nursing today. Nightingale, a true leader, full of inspiration. Geneva decided to celebrate her throughout the year 2020, what an awesome move, and an inspiring one.

The coming year should inspire nurses to do more, more for their profession and more for their worlds. The decision of the World Health Organisation to tag next year the year of the Nurse and Midwife is a brilliant move.

It’s all about universal health coverage, the caption; “Nursing Now!” Invokes a sense of urgency, that the time is always now.

It’s going to be an exciting year for us all, as we delve into the world of health care innovation; learning together and working hard to make impacts on our world!

I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to think of ways to improve life on earth – it should be a daily exercise, just spending time thinking of various ways in which life on earth can be made better.

Efforts towards improving universal health coverage is what has birthed the nursing now campaign, which to me is a lifetime campaign that has no end.

We may not do complex brain surgeries or earn super salaries, but we are stationed closer to the heart of health care – the patient/client, without who there is no health to take care of. We are amazing.

In the coming year, there are vital questions we must all ask our selves and the answers to these questions will build a foundation upon which we can begin to operate.

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Let’s Start Asking Some Questions.

What is innovation? Do Nurses really understand the concept of health care innovation? Especially Nurses in Africa. What are the clinical roles of the registered nurse? How can technology improve the role of the registered nurse – making healthcare delivery effective and efficient. What are the new techniques for solving clinical problems? Remember that no problem-solving technique is 100% efficient, so this lack or deficiency creates ample room for improvements.

We all must take deeper inquisitive looks at the professional roles of Registered Nurses from all specialities, study these roles, fully understand them, in so doing we are getting familiar with our responsibilities, which arms us with the necessary knowledge to launch forth into innovation!

Through innovation, we can preserve our professional roles as Registered Nurses, as we work tirelessly to improve on what we do, as we develop and get better, discovering novel methods and ways, our profession is preserved, we become responsible, showing the health team that we are here for serious business.

The New Trends.

In this new year, it is paramount that Nurses begin to get familiar with Artificial Intelligence and other new health care technologies.

Care City is determined to expose Registered Nurses in Nigeria to the realities of health care innovations that are arising from developed countries. We want to understand these technologies, imitate them, improve on them and articulate them into real-life practice! This is among our biggest goals and we believe we can do it!

Ranging from artificial blood to robotic surgeries and mechanical nurses, nanotechnology, Gene engineering, organ transplant, the utilisation of blockchain in health care, the list is endless, enormous are the technological opportunities that abound, that it will be abnormal for anyone to remain bored or jobless, there’s a whole lot to do.

It’s all about universal health coverage.

This is the ultimate goal! How more people can get access to better health care services. What do you think?

Ready to work

As we step into the year of the Nurse and Midwife, I hope your hearts are ready to work! It’s time to put those minds to work. Look around you, look deeply and you will definitely see a problem that needs the innovative touch.

Innovation is creativity! It seeks to reveal to us the inner capabilities that lie dormant within our hearts. I believe you are ready to show the world the ingenuity that resides in you, the problem-solving skills, the critical thinking ability and above all your love for what you do.

It is inspiring what the World Health Organization, headed by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the International Council of Nurses headed by Annette Kennedy are doing through the Nursing Now Campaign to improve the image of the nursing profession, it sure is working, we only need to be more deliberate, especially in Africa, where there are still areas that need urgent attention, in respite to the level of health care services available there and nurses are the most important tools that can ensure universal health coverage.

Let’s Innovate!

Yours In the school of Innovation, Learning and Excellence.

Ayinla Daniel, RN, Rctn.

(Team Care City).

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