The ‘Disabled’ Can Also Provide Safe Nursing & Medical Care | Part One

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The word disabled in our headline does not mean someone who is not able, but someone who is different, or has a different ability (they can do normal things differently). 

A new word Diffability or Differbility is been used instead of ‘disabled,’ in an attempt to erase the negative connotations that come with the word disabled

I agree with the concept [do you?]. And I know that it will go a long way in changing the way people think & the way they understand people who are special.

The world may not be ready to embrace this kind of change yet, but we are getting there. With the way the field of Artificial Intelligence is going, soon, we will be able to appreciate the uniqueness of others who are different from us. 

Are They Able To Do?

A Nurse who can not see, or who is blind. Will he or she be able to provide safe Nursing care to patients/clients?

Let me divert a little bit. Will someone born blind even have the dream of becoming a Nurse or A Doctor? 

To me, yes. I have heard of fellows who were born blind, who went ahead to become awesome professionals. Though the road was tough for them, they emerged victoriously. 

And there are stories, littering the internet of people with various forms of physical challenges, who went ahead to become beautiful professionals.

[In the next part of this article, we will take a look at some inspiring examples].

And I see a future, where people born different will not be hindered from fulfilling their dreams. 

A future that is prepared, both Technologically & Socially to give all people equal opportunities in life.

Are they able to do it? Yes, they are… And the kind of care that they will provide will be safe. 

Oh, wait a minute here, what about the patient/client, what will they feel about them? 

Will they feel safe & secure in the hands of a Nurse or Doctor who is ‘Disabled?’ Or ‘Neurodiverse?’

We may not have fully advanced as a society to completely embrace this development [or even fully understand it], but it is possible. Many may not be able to comprehend how possible, but it is something that is a reality.

Though the Nursing & Medical fields are sensitive areas, yet, we can have professionals who are neurodiverse or diffabled among the ranks, dishing out safe & effective care to people.

Like I said earlier, that our societies may have not fully advanced technologically & socially to give people like this the support that they need to become Nurses & Doctors, but it is possible. And with our collective efforts as people who believe in a free & equal future for all, it becomes a reality and not just a dream. 

More than 200 years ago, nobody ever imagined that planes could fly, but today, here we are, already thinking of how to make our homes fly. 

We all must work together, towards making sure that we have a community that accepts all. 

I know this is a delicate topic, and many will not agree with my idea, but I have no choice but to let the world know what I think, as a writer, I am compelled to let you know what goes on in my heart, as regards the topics & themes that I write about. 

A fold where no one is separated because of their uniqueness or difference

In the next part of this article, we will dive deeper into this topic; we will look at different schools of thoughts, enjoy some inspiring stories & just talk about random stuff around this topic.

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