Quacks are Our Friends – My Perspectives. Part 1.

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Quacks are Our Friends – My Perspectives. Part 1. 1 min read.

Introductory Notes.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not endorsing quackery in this essay, I am only saying that we have to be reasonable and look at the situation from other significant perspectives, feel free to leave comments. These are my views.

You see my friends, these quack nurses we see flooding our private hospitals in Nigeria are not devils nor are they our rivals.

It may surprise you to know that in developed countries, they have more advanced health care systems that create a niche for fellows like these our friends, they call them UAP’s, unlicensed assistive personnel, these guys help with the rather unintelligent responsibilities, which will include bed-making [I don’t really see anything intelligent or scientific about this], providing bed-pans, changing linens and a host of other things that do not require critical thinking or do not pose significant threat to the patients health if neglected.

I believe it’s wise we approach this issue from various perspectives. Some of them [the auxiliary nurses] really have the desire to pursue the nursing profession, but do not have the academic requirement that qualifies them to study nursing, or some who may have the requirements do not have the available resource to carry on with a university degree or as the case may be to study in schools of nursings which as we all know are very expensive.

So what do they do?
Also foiled by the presence of licensed health care practitioners [nurses, doctors, and sometimes pharmacists etc] who are willing to teach nursing as a trade, a vocation, so as to secure cheap and as well unlicensed services.

These lots are abandoned at the mercies of these guys, the quack trainers. If we do not have fellows who train them, we sure may not have them around, but here we are, we have scores of nurses and doctors training them, and allowing them to undertake core nursing responsibilities to the painful detriment of the health care consumer, the patient/client who also is oblivious of the fact that they have the right to know if those given them care are duly qualified and licensed.

They have to be assured of the quality of care given to them, and the process of care which has personnel licensure as a primary element loudly emphasizes the need for proper licensure.

Can we stop looking at them like they are monsters? We teach them, we train them, we accommodate and educate them, we are the first problem and not them, they are only unfortunate to have been the satisfaction for our desire to procure cheap services for our clinics and hospitals.

The next time you see a quack nurse or an auxiliary nurse as we call them here, do not be hesitant to not allow your inbuilt anger for auxiliary nurses control you. Be more civilised, hear their story, understand their motivation and help them if you can.

In the next article, I will place more emphasis on what we can personally do for these fellows and we will also talk a little about the governing bodies fault, the nursing council in this case.

Leave your comments, we really want to enjoy your view.

Ayinla Daniel, RN.
(Team Care City).

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