Of The Spaces We Called Safe | Ayooluwa Olasupo (Imisi) | Poetry

"Yesterday night, his shadow peered into my chamber "I had vowed to crush him into powder with my teeth...


(A poem on the plight of the girl child facing the trauma of rape)

Yesterday night, his shadow peered into my chamber

I had vowed to crush him into powder with my teeth

But I found myself helpless under his forceful grip again.

He was soon guised in an apparel of sobriety

And recited a creed of pleas into my ears

Promising never to commit such act again

But echoes of his last pleas betrayed him.

Like other times, I became a crystal ripped of lustre

Sores spattered my soul, refusing to heal.

Dragging myself to the bathtub,

I stooped to wash my linen,

My tears streaming into the basin, bleaching the smeared seams.

This was the one hundredth time.

Who will hearken to my cry

And give me wings to fly

Who will rescue me from this arena of woes

Into the city of refuge

Far away from the agony induced by uncle’s fangs.

Let my voice be as siren of an ambulance.



Ayooluwa Olasupo (Imisi) is a Nigerian Poet and Medical Doctor whose works have appeared in Christian Literary Hub’s Anthology, The Shallow Tales Review Literary Magazine, Eboquills, Touch Magazine, The Apotheosis, and elsewhere.
She’s the Editor-in-chief of Scent and Sceptre Teenager’s Magazine. When she’s not writing, reading or attending to her medical passions, she enjoys telling children in the neighborhood twilight tales.

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