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You have a message!
Basics of Health Blogging For Registered Nurses – Five Simple Tips
Ayinla Daniel. RN.

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I love Nurses, being one my self. Nursing is a profession that has a whole lot of opportunities in it, I am tempted to refer to it as a passport to reach the world.

Writing about nursing makes me happy, I enjoy it – creating stories and writing articles that educate, motivate, inspire and equip registered nurses with the knowledge and the energy to do more in all that they do.

In this article, I draw from my few years of writing/blogging about Nursing and medical-related themes to create a mini-lecture of some sort on what Registered Nurses need to know about blogging [Basics].

It’s going to be short but packed with enough information and ideas to inspire you to start writing, open your blog and start creating.

I have also decided to start an online Digital Academy under Care City, called Care Code to help my colleagues in Nigeria & Africa understand the importance of Digital Technologies to Health Care Practice. We will be having an online boot camp in about three months time, and Blogging is part of the courses we will be offering. If you are interested, you can make enquiries here.

Take a look at what we will be talking about guys:

• Do you have a message?

• Are you ready to learn?

• Your Devices & Tools!

• You Will Spend Some Money!

• Social Media Is Not Left Out!

So, straight to the point…

The first element we all must put into consideration before we start our blogging journey is…

• Do You Have A Message?

If I may ask you; “Do you have a message?” Answer that question. You can’t just jump into this train without knowing your destination. You have to know where you are going to, and your unique message is your destination tag, it moulds your goal and defines where you are headed to.

Your message is your voice!

If you feel you have an idea, then I urge you to sit down and create it, work on it, learn, engage and know more. There are a whole of things to write about, especially in the areas of Nursing and Health Care.

• What are your interests? What are you interested in? Write them out, be sure that these are your true desires, your real passions, things you are ready to spend your time on learning.

Come on guys, have you found your real passion? Blogging/writing is real business, it’s like building a castle with little pebbles, you have to take it easy, slow and steady. It’s a creative journey, one that places demands on your ability to churn out information that is original and is able to inform, educate, motivate and inspire people, in this case, your readers.

True blogging is not copying information from one site and pasting it on yours, all for the sake of getting views, that’s not blogging! Or looking for trending news and shoving it all into the stoves of your site! Man! That’s not blogging!

It’s not about views or money, which do not come immediately, it’s about the unique message that you want to share with people. And as Nurses, we have a lot of messages to share. Believe me, there are a lot of things we can share with the world. From our experiences to our knowledge and our unique exposures.

Health Care is pretty wide, you need to focus. For me, I try to spread my wings with Care City Blog, [Though Care City Blog is just a part of Care City] here I write more about Innovation in Health Care Practice, Health-Tech/Digital Health, I write some articles with learning themes, about the health sector in my country and I also give room for other writers [Registered Nurses & Health Care Professionals] to write with me on Care City Blog, you know, its a wide world!

Pick your unique niche and spread!

• Are You Ready To Learn?

My first attempts at blogging all ended up with massive failures. I must let you know. It wasn’t easy. I failed a lot. I have started many blogs that did not just survive. And why? I had the gifts of writing, but I was not learning!

Are you ready to learn? Nurses do not have enough time, you need to carve out time from your tight schedule for learning. Passion and desire are good, you should have them, but learning is that element that will guaranty your success. And believe me, you will keep learning all through. There’s still a lot I learn today!

The desire to learn is your biggest weapon!

If you are not ready to learn, then don’t start. Don’t even think about it.

The desire to learn is the most important element that will determine if you will still be around blogging in let’s say “six months time.” Will you still keep writing even if no one reads what you write? Or you get no views? Will you be writing for the views? Or the money and ads?

Will you have the time to blog? Will your long shifts and busy calls provide you with the luxury of enough time to write and blog?

Well, my next article will include tips to help you create time as a busy Health Care Professional who wants to be productive in their blogging journey.

• Your Devices & Tools!

This is actually a more technical part. What devices do you think you may need to start blogging? Let me guess, Erm… A MacBook or an Apple Laptop? An internet router? Or?

No, my friends, you don’t need all that. I blog with just my phone [I advice intermediate bloggers to get a good personal computer], all thanks to WordPress, the WordPress Team has made blogging extremely easy.

If you have a good phone, with adequate space [RAM & ROM], you are good to go. And don’t also forget, you will need a lot of data, yeah, a whole lot, because you will have to download and upload a lot of information, especially high-quality images & videos.

It’s also very important that you have a laptop, but I think it’s better you start with your phone, to me, the mobile app will initiate you better into the world of blogging and its super easy to use – WordPress of course [I love WordPress].

As you grow in the art of blogging, other requirements will be necessary for you to have but don’t worry these are just basic tips, we will not go into more details. If you want more details, then I urge you to book your space now for our forthcoming boot camp, you will get the opportunity to be on a team of Registered Nurses & Health Care Professionals who share your passion (winks).

There are things we call tools, but I will not bother you with all that for now, these include; plugins and the likes. Some are free on WordPress’ beginner’s plan, while a lot of them you must buy as you grow.

You need an “average writing skill”. You don’t have to be sophisticated in your writing, just be simple and make sure you are communicating. The more you write, the better you become, it’s like learning on the job.

Where do you get your images from? Me: Unsplash!

Images are great tools! You will need them. I get my own images from Unsplash, as you can see. Free images on Unsplash.

Baron Fig |

• You Will Spend Some


Who said you won’t spend money? Well, you may not spend too much if you start with a beginner’s plan on WordPress [don’t forget money for data], but as you advance, you will begin to see the need to spend more money. You will want to upgrade your site, buy more plugins and do a whole lot of things on your site to improve its functions.

Blogging can give you financial freedom! Sure it can, but it’s a long journey, not all blogs that started today will reach the peak! It’s natural. Many writers will lose steam, a couple more will get frustrated and tired!

And when it comes to spending money on your blog, I must tell you, it will definitely get to you.

So, make a budget, my advice, don’t rush to purchase a domain, start with WordPress’ beginner’s plan, it’s a good way to start. Your beginners budget can range between 20 – 50 thousand naira [not necessary, but for the future, when you may have decided to embark on this journey].

• Social Media Is Not Left


Did I just hear you say that you don’t want to be involved with social media while blogging? If you don’t want to be involved with social media, then don’t bother blogging.

Your blog needs the juice of social media to survive [besides, blogging is a mature form of social media].

You need twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and all other social media platforms. Fortunately, we will be having sessions in our forthcoming boot camp that will expose you to the basics of social media.

So, guys, what do you think? Do you want to start this journey? We are here for you, to inspire, motivate and educate you!

Send us a message and let’s see how we can help you start your journey!

Care Code Digital Literacy Academy

Are we not delighted to let you know a bit about our plans? Of how we want to contribute to the development of the Health Care Sector in Nigeria and Africa. Care Code is Care City’s Digital Literacy Academy, that is designed to expose Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa to the realities of Digital life.

We want to do this using digital learning tools, to help educate Registered Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists, Community Health Workers, and all cadres of Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa, introducing them to the concept of Digital Health.

Our desire is to see that they are “Digital Healthy, ” ready to take on the world of Digital Health, improving the health care industry in Africa!

Care Code will be having her maiden boot camp in about three months time, and bookings are already in full swing. Do you want to book your space? Kindly reach us here to find out more, we will be glad to have you in our community.

For sponsorship or partnership, kindly send us a mail or talk with us here.

Best Regards!

Ayinla Daniel. RN
(Founder & CEO of Care City).


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