Digital Health In Africa – Care City’s Contributions.

Here, I write a bit about Care City, our passion and goals!

Health care in Africa is taking a massive turn towards absorbing the culture of technology!

Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists and other health care practitioners are playing huge roles in the advancement of health care technology in their various capacities!

Care city is dedicated to propagating the innovation culture among Nurses and other health care practitioners/professionals.

Utilizing the power of information communication technology, active collaboration, mentorship/preceptorship, outreaches and a range of other effective and efficient tools, we work hard to create an atmosphere that inspires innovation and learning among Nurses and health care practitioners.

We are opened to any form of collaboration, we can be the team that stays with you through your journey towards becoming an innovator, supporting, inspiring, motivating and connecting you.

Visit our blog today and find a range of articles that address issues on innovation in health care, clinical practice, research, health care innovation news and a whole lot of informative and educative issues.

We are dedicated to innovative excellence, we would really love to hear from you.

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Yours in the school of Innovation, Learning and Excellence.

Ayinla Daniel, Rn.
(Team Care City).

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