Nursing After The Year Of The Pandemic | Part i

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What Did The Year Look Like?

The year of the Nurse & Midwife was supposed to be one of our most iconic & colourful years for us as a profession (It is, nothing changes that truth).

The world had finally set aside a whole year to celebrate us. We were excited. Ready to put in our best that year, oblivious to what was lurking around the corner, waiting for us.

Before the year 2019 ended, a little trouble was brewing in one of China’s small towns.

A pandemic was being nurtured, right under our watch, and we handled it with kid gloves, and before we knew what was happening, it became a worldwide disaster–growing out of control, killing thousands, crumbling economies, & spreading panic, as it has never been seen on earth in a very long time.

A lot of healthcare professionals were lost in the year of the pandemic–Nurses, Physicians, etc.

Many of us lost loved ones, people who we never thought we were going to see for the last time that year. Bogus conspiracies penetrated the media, as many tried to create descriptions as to the origin of the virus. Great world powers were at each other’s throats, accusing & threatening.

In the wake of the pandemic, while we count losses, and nurture our wounds, we were able to still make progress in historical leaps & bounds.

The gospel of Digital Health gained a wider audience & followership, as people, governments & organizations, began to realize the important need for us to have a healthcare system that had digital healthcare systems and structures woven into its fabrics.


A vaccine was developed within months–a historic feat, one that should be in the Guinness books, because it’s a record that inspires us, in this time and as a people. We were united, channelling our energies, expertise & geniuses towards one just cause.

Nurses, and other healthcare professionals, were suddenly placed in the spotlight.

The world now started seeing how important we were. We could not sit at home because of the pandemic scare, we had to go to work to take care of those suffering, putting our lives and those of our loved ones at risk.

Though many of us died, we dared not surrender. We kept fighting, against all odds, and we kept pushing. And now, we are emerging victorious.

As the pandemic gradually leaves us, leaving a trail of destruction & death behind, we all are tasked with the responsibility of rebuilding.

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