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Digital health is the future, and we gradually envisage its take over!

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Hello dear readers, how are we all doing? And hope we are all staying safe? We here at Care City believe you are doing all you can to stay safe.

Writing about Health Technology/Digital Health is a big part of our work here on CARE CITY BLOG. So, on this note, we decided to curate contents from our favourite sites – digital health contents, courtesy of Carecode, our digital literacy academy for Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals in Nigeria and Africa.

We know you will find these contents helpful; informative, educating and inspiring. We also included some commentaries. Enjoy them!

Digital health is saving lives in Germany. Astounding, innovative and inspiring!

Germany is a country that has always been opened to innovations and the pandemic has made the country even more open to the realities of digital health.

Digital health is the future, look at the innovative solutions it is creating, and the enormous successes recorded!

Who would have ever thought about it? The concept of digital health, artificial intelligence and machine learning, telemedicine/nursing, virtual reality, 3D printing etc. The future of health care is illuminating right before us.

Physicians in trouble, what will digital healthcare do to them?

The pandemic has really changed a whole lot of things in the health care sector around the globe. Countries are beginning to pay more attention on remote health care services, and Physicians who are refusing to key into this new development might not be very happy with the outcome. What is digital health doing or going to do to these guys?

The Internet’s Impact on Health Care.

Internet of Medical Things [IoMT]. The medical world has been able to carve for itself a unique spot on the internet. And we all are beginning to see and feel the positive effects of the internet, ranging from digital health, to health tech innovations. The internet makes this possible.

How can we overcome these obstacles? Obstacles that hinder Innovation in health care.

Innovation is one concept we all should embrace. And in embracing innovation, we must be ready to also put into consideration the obstacles that naturally come with it. Health care innovation is an important aspect of the health care industry, a vital part that should not be neglected. Read this article, it has In it sufficient information about the obstacles to innovation in the health care industry.

Blockchain And Health Care

Blockchain is estimated to reach over $5.61bn by the end of 2025! Have you heard about the blockchain technology? If you have not, then this article shines a little light!

Digital medicine and ageing – Tech no age!

What do you know about ageing? We have found our selves in the Tech-no-age!

You need to see these advanced technological disruptions in health tech!

Digital health is causing massive disruptions in the health care industry! And the time to key into this development is now and not tomorrow!

These industry experts [digital health ], make very fine predictions!

What can we do without the experts? They are like our own prophets, directing our busy minds to the possibilities of the future!

In designing digital health care tools, these elements must be put into consideration [Video].

The designing of digital health care tools is an endeavour that requires special type of expertise. A coming together of very unique skills, make it possible to function in the role of designing health care tools.

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