Care City’s Leadership Talk For Registered Nurses In Nigeria |Ready For The Ride? |1 Minute Read | Ayinla Daniel, RN

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Care City’s Leadership Talk For Registered Nurses In Nigeria | Ready For The Ride?
Ayinla Daniel, RN.

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“It’s not about trying to find something to help you be a more effective leader. It’s about trying to be a better person. The other will follow.” James A. Autry in Practicing Servant Leadership.

James A. Autry gives us wonderful insights into the essence of leadership in that little quote of his. He tries to tell us the importance of leaders working on themselves. In this very short article, which will not take you up to “Two Minutes” to read, I will talk to you about leadership, my colleagues and friends in Nigeria. I know it is not easy for us here, and it is in moments like this that our leadership qualities need to flow out, for all to see. It is a very short ‘discuss‘, but it has enough energy in it to make you believe in the leader you are becoming.

Ayinla Daniel. RN.
(Founder & CEO of Care City).

Leadership, what does it mean to you? What does it mean to you? I repeat this question again; “what does it mean to you?”

The true test of leadership occurs when the ride is ‘bumpy‘ and things are not going on as we planned. If everything is going on fine; no adversity, no challenges, no pain or sorrow, no tough and hard times, the true leader in you will never be put to the test.

Our boast about how good we are, our testimonies of how strong we are and how much courage we have will be confirmed when we go through the waters, the fires and the floods. True leadership is all about becoming a better person. There are no holidays here I must confess because each day sees you working hard to become a better you.

One element that the 21st Century Nursing Landscape lacks today is the obvious lack of true leadership. The kind of one that sees beyond self and demands to serve. Where do you stand my friend?

Nigeria may have not given us all that we need, well, that’s pretty unfortunate, but that does not also imply that we don’t give her what she needs – True Leadership.

What say, you, my friend? Will you embrace and sit on the mud with the status quo? Or stand up to be among the new generation that refuses to swallow the rottenness that eats us up from within? It’s all for you to decide and make your decisions.

That brings us to the end of this discussion, but before I leave you, to catch you again in another episode, listen to the words in this quote and let them infect you with inspiration!

“A leader is the one, who knows the way, goes the way and show the way”


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