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Big, Bold & Better!

Care City Editorial

We celebrate, even amidst the turmoil and present challenges that try to dampen our spirits. I wanted to publish this article earlier, but I decided to turn it into a gift for all my colleagues as we all celebrate the International Nurses Week together.

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These smiles that grace our “mask covered faces” can not die, because the smiles come from our spirits – within. And no plague or virus has the energy to take these smiles away from us. I bid farewell to our colleagues who we have lost in the struggle, they have taught us one great lesson of leadership we all as Registered Nurses and Health Care Professionals have to learn from, and that is the immortal lesson of sacrifice.

Did we really lose our comrades? well, in a sense, we may have lost them, because we and their loved ones may not be able to physically see them again, but they all live in us. They live in our hearts, because we will never forget what they fought for.

They did not just die fighting a pandemic, no, they died defending humanity. They died as Knights defending the health of the world. They are the ones we celebrate. The Nurses, the Doctors and all others who have been punched, affected, ridiculed and mesmerized by this storm.

They fell on their duty posts, and now they stand tall in the theaters of our hearts, where they will forever be recognized and adorned by us. And what have we learnt from it all? As for me, I have learnt a whole lot of lessons, and like I said earlier, one stands out, and that is the lesson of sacrifice.

We are coming out BIG, BETTER AND BOLD! Registered Nurses all over the world have started to recognize their worth, entering boldly into the realities that once eluded them because of culture, tradition and protocols that did nothing to them but relegate them to the rear, where fortunately their lights still spoke for them. And I tell you my heroic colleagues, the health care sector all over the planet will never be the same again. A whole lot of opportunities have been born out of the compost of this storm. Innovative ideas are been created and developed by brilliant Registered Nurses and Physicians all over the globe and I know you do not want to be left behind!

To my colleagues on the African continent, your time is now. The time to seize the moment and inspire the world with the voice of innovation is now, and not the morrow, for tomorrow is no longer waiting for you, it is coming to you. And when it comes to you, what will you have to offer the hungry and thirsty tomorrow?

Innovations in the clinical fields! Innovations in the world of academia and research! Innovations in the aspects of leadership, administration and organization. What will you have to offer? Do you want to be another one, who just gets certified, get a job and sits down? without doing anything for humanity?

I promised to keep it very short and I will keep that promise. Once more, Happy International Nurses Week, and remember this – It is your year! Do what you have to do, do it now and do it here!

Yours in the school of Innovation, Excellence and Learning

Ayinla Daniel, RN.

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