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Nursing practice in many places, especially in developing parts of Africa and West Africa to be precise is grossly misunderstood. A whole lot of folks do not really understand the clinical role of the Registered Nurse and one obvious effect of this misunderstanding is that many young fellows, unfortunately do not have enough inspiration to help them decide to embrace nursing as a profession.

Against this backdrop, I have decided to dedicate a section on Care City Blog to communicating the general public, not only the general public but also health care practitioners on the importance of the clinical roles of the Registered Nurse, also having it in mind to help more Registered Nurses understand in depth their importance to the health care team/system and the patient.

You may be surprised that many Registered Nurses who even have advance degrees do not really understand the core of Clinical Nursing Practice because many of them do not come back to the clinical areas after having these advanced degrees, especially in Africa or to be more precise, West Africa.

I do not see anything wrong if we have Registered Nurses with advanced degrees working in the clinical settings, getting deeply involved with patient care, developing care plans, conducting researches, contributing and making rich impacts alongside their colleagues in other fields.

So, I hope that this section on Care City Blog will be able to inspire more Registered Nurses to pick on the challenge of getting more involved with clinical nursing practice so that nurses are represented better in the clinical field.

The discussions will come in very brief and easy to read essays. We will publish the issues weekly and hope that we are able to get good flow of novel ideas to help Registered Nurses in Nigeria get inspired to really do more.

Yours in the school of learning, Innovation and Excellence.

Ayinla Daniel. RN, Rctn.

(Founder Care City, Cardiothoracic Nurse Specialist).

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