Care City Leadership Report For The Year 2020: Goals, Achievements, Strategies & The Future

The year 2020 has been a wonderful year for Care City. What started as a little blog by the sides, gradually metamorphosized into an innovative community of registered nurses, healthcare professionals & digital health enthusiasts.

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Care City Leadership Report For The Year 2020: Goals, Achievements, Strategies & The Future.

The year 2020 has been a wonderful year for Care City. What started as a little blog by the sides, gradually metamorphosized into an innovative community of registered nurses, healthcare professionals & digital health enthusiasts.

This report is a leadership report, but as usual, I will be as casual as possible. You won’t find statistics or bogus facts in it, all you will find here are sincere words coming from the mouth of one who is desperate to learn & change the world, maybe.

I started Care City with very little knowledge, but enough determination, and I can tell you that each day that I think about this assignment, I still learn a lot from it.

In the year 2020, we were able to get some wonderful people who came together to form our pioneer team. Busy people. But ready to learn. And I had the rare privilege of first learning from each of them and then going ahead to lead them.

The leadership lessons I have acquired from heading Care City are priceless. I can’t start writing about them here and now.

To my Team, I thank you all for working this year to success for Care City. In the new year, we will do much more.

I wasn’t the perfect leader, I made a lot of mistakes, and made poor decisions, but in all, I made sure I was learning, and in learning, I was growing and in growing, impact followed.

I encountered personal disappointments, from my own team, and from external sources, but my armor is like an armadillo’s. It keeps getting tougher with each assault. I am here for the winning, not to be part of any pity party or “Crying Jonnies.”

I wrote more than 90% of the articles on our blog this year, and it helped me to appreciate with greater respect the art of writing. I improved in leaps & bounds in the way I wrote, while learning from great writers, authors & bloggers. It was amazing, exciting, challenging & rewarding.

I was also able to delve deeper into the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Science. Rummaging through piles and piles of information, looking for what to feed my ever-hungry heart with – the discoveries I made changed me, and have caused a revolution in my heart.

sebastian mantel m1qsy iuf4c unsplash
Sebastian Mantel | Unsplash

With the search, came the golden opportunity to be a mentor in AI Commons & Data Science’ healthcare & wellbeing hackathon. An experience that taught & instructed me and that inspired a lot of things that we do in Carecode, our Digital Health Hub. And in addition, I was selected to be the head of the Editorial Department of The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria, an organization that I owe a lot. Though I am still learning how to maximize the opportunity (research is a different world, believe me).

We were able to start ‘INSPIRE,’ an interview session on Care City Blog that interviews Registered Nurses who are proud of what they are doing and using their energies to cause impact. We had two sessions, and I enjoyed them, I thought we will have another before the year runs out, I guess we will have to wait for the new year.

An important branch of Care City was developed this year – Carecode, our Digital Health Hub, a part of Care City dedicated to preaching the message of Digital Health.

We started an online programme – “30 Minutes With Carecode” a short online lecture, that lasts for 30 minutes, that exposes registered nurses, healthcare professionals & the entire public to the realities of digital health.

And I must tell you, I enjoyed every session, though it brought its own unique challenges, but, I mean, challenges are the bread of champions. In the coming year, Carecode has got a lot of plans lined up. Our aim next year will be primarily to awaken the hunger for digital literacy among healthcare professionals in the healthcare industry in Nigeria & Africa.

Over the months of the year, we have been able to build a unique structure for Care City.

With so many nursing bodies springing up from the left, right & every other hidden corner, we have decided to stand out by preaching rather unique, novel & future-minded messages.

The message of Innovation, laced with the elements of Leadership & Inspiration with deliberate interest in Digital Health.

These have been our core messages. And we will continue to learn more about them, as we use the knowledge gained to impact the society around us.

For the new year, we have a lot in store. We are looking forward to new and exciting collaborations with bodies that understand our mission & vision, both locally & internationally.

We desire to expand, looking for digital health services that we can provide to add value to the lives of Africans & improve the healthcare system on our continent. I am already excited about the possibilities that the new year will bring to us. While we will tirelessly work towards ensuring that Care City becomes a recognized legal entity in Nigeria, knowing that this important move is going to bring more opportunities to our doorsteps.

Collaboration, utilizing the potentials packed in the digital space, outreaches, etc, are some of the tools that we will continue using to spread our messages in the coming year, as we improve in using them, and also discovering fresh ideas that can help us with achieving our goals & objectives as a body.

We want to develop other departments in Care City, bring many dreams to life. And we can do it if we have more vision-driven healthcare professionals & digital health enthusiasts on board.

Personally, as a leader, I got more feathers attached to my cap. I have been able to get to the point where I respect everyone around me. They are unique, they are special and they are rare. Though there were people who did not make me happy, I admitted to myself that they did not make me happy, but yet, I did what I know how to do best – learn from them.

Life is all about learning & growing, becoming better, discovering what and who we are, for the sole aim of giving back.

nick fewings goxnygzlftg unsplash
Nick Fewings | Unsplash

I would love to write more about my personal life this year (tempted to do so here), but let’s still keep this report as formal as formal can be (though I already broke the rules of formality a hundred times here). I hope I will be able to write one soon, maybe before the new year finally wakes up.

What can you bring to the team? Do you think you can be a part of what we are doing? Or do you want to contribute to what we are doing in Care City? Or become an Investor, Partner, or Friend. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I am just a tiny, simple click away.

There’s a lot I may have skipped in this report (and much more I have deliberately left out of it). That notwithstanding, I hope I have been able to, with these few words (more than a thousand), tell you a bit about our year and open our world a bit to you.

I can’t wait to work with you, as we do wonderful things together, changing our world and making it a better place for all of us to live in. See you in the new year.

Yours In The School Of Innovation, Leadership & Learning

Ayinla Daniel

CEO/Founder of Care City


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