INSPIRE With Abiodun Oluwatobi | February Edition

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This edition of INSPIRE is a very special one, in that we are interviewing an amazing Registered Nurse, whose brand (NJO) is a household name among Registered Nurses & Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria.

When I first approached him, I thought he was going to turn me down with the expected excuse of being busy, but it turned out that my expectations were ruined; he surprisingly agreed, without any form of persuasion from me.

At the period that we entered into the health media world, NJO had already started making waves, blazing the tracks, and inspiring many.

His interview is the second one for the year 2021, after Omolere Tobi, who we interviewed in January. (our interviews come out late; so February comes out in March, and March in April, but we hope to correct that trend).

I know that you are going to find this interview inspiring. What else are we here for, if not to inspire you to do more?

The interview is short, but you get to know a little bit about Abiodun Oluwatobi. His passion, tiny details about his personal life (how he found himself in the Nursing Profession), and so much more.

Ok, let the journey begin.

But before we go ahead, let’s do this…

A Little Bios

Abiodun Oluwatobi; an Emergency Nurse Specialist, American Heart Association Instructor, IADT (UK) Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Enthusiast, HSE Certified Officer, creative designer, and a Social Entrepreneur currently working as an industrial medic in Lagos.

Founded NJO Healthcare Services, a not for profit training Institute that aim to scale back cardiovascular deaths by providing affordable emergency care in West Africa, using First-aid, CPR AED, and basic emergency training. Abiodun is the Admin for an online platform that focuses on sharing available Jobs and Opportunities for over 20,000 Nigerian Nurses across all social networking platforms. He’s still the lead ambassador for VigorHealth Drive a US-based NGO that has conducted several educational projects across Nigeria most recent in ABU Zaria up north where more than 800 medical students were taught. He’s also the creative director for B.Creative a subgroup that provides graphic design services.

Abiodun is also the author of ‘Get employed’ a book that guides young medical graduates on how to ace a job interview and I have been featured on HSE Nations, the leading independent news publication in corporate responsibility, health, safety, wellbeing, and environment practice. He has also been featured in Jordan FM and RaveTV to address issues related to First Aid Treatment.

Tel: +2348179392210

Can we meet you?

Of course, my names are Abiodun Oluwatobi, I’m an Emergency Nurse, American Heart Association Instructor, and a Social Entrepreneur currently working with one of the leading food manufacturing company in Nigeria.

abiodun oluwatobi

Tell us a bit about how you found yourself in the world of Nursing.

My dad orchestrated it actually. He was once managed in the hospital by a Male Nurse where he made some inquiries on my behalf. The rest is history now.

NJO, how did it all start?

Majorly due to a lack of relevant and updated information. I remember a senior colleague made promises to find me a job after graduation, but this was not forthcoming and I wasn’t the only one in this situation then. I later discovered there was a huge gap between employers and job seekers hence the birth of NJO to bridge that communication gap.

If you had not studied nursing, what career path would you have taken?

Aeronautic Engineering.

Do you have plans of leaving the country someday?

😄😁 Yes, I do, to acquire more knowledge and experience.

abioudn oluwatobi 2

Tell us a little bit about what Emotional Intelligence is

Emotional Intelligence for me is such a pivot skill we must exhibit to get the best outcome from any relationship. The ability to understand one’s emotions and manage others is of so much value in today’s economy.

What inspired the writing of your book, “Get Employed?”

Increase in unemployment rate, particularly in the health space.

Do you have hobbies? Things you do when you are not busy with work?

I’m a graphic designer, so I spend time designing outside work. If I’m also less busy I watch documentaries on YouTube

What advice do you have for young nurse innovators & entrepreneurs in Nigeria?

You don’t have much time at your disposal. Start whatever you want to do now!

What do you think about the current massive exodus of healthcare professionals in the country?

It is a good thing. In the nearest future, this set of health care workers will come back to strengthen the health system in Nigeria.

“ You don’t have much time at your disposal. Start whatever you want to do now! ”

— Abiodun Oluwatobi, Founder NJO

abiodun oluwatobi

What have been your greatest challenges as a nurse innovator, an entrepreneur, and a founder?

Funding to execute some of my ideas really, outside the infrastructural deficits in Nigeria.

Will you take the COVID-19 Vaccine if it were presented to you?

In fact, I have taken it.

Do you think nursing in Nigeria will ever get better?

Yes, there is room for improvement and expansion. But this won’t happen overnight.

abioudn oluwatobi

Tell us something to inspire us to do more!

Live a life of impact.

An amazing one guys. I like the way he goes straight to the point. Very direct. If you have ideas you feel you both can work on, don’t hesitate to reach him on his social media, I know he will be willing to assist you (trust me).

Anticipate the next interview for March, it’s going to be awesome – pure INSPIRATION waiting for you!

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