The Indefatigable Problem Solver

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“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”

Robert H. Shuller

When you look around you, what do you see? 

A wonderful world full of problems waiting to be solved? Beckoning on you.

Our world is a Big Blue Ball of problems. From climate and energy troubles to societal crises, and the aspect we have taken interest in, healthcare problems. 

As long as humans occupy this planet, there will always be enough problems to keep us busy. 

And the folks who will rule society are those who will step out to solve problems. 

Take another look around you. The top guys, what do they do? You got it. They are the ones busy trying to solve our problems. 

And they get rewarded for their labor. 

They get loads of cash and lots of recognition from trying to save the planet from imploding or are working hard to get the cure to a killer virus ravaging humanity. 

During the pandemic, one of the founders of a well-known biotechnology brand producing vaccines had billions of dollars rushing into his account [he wasn’t the only one who got rich fighting the virus].

[Billionaires who got rich fighting COVID]

While other businesses were giving up and shutting down, some other businesses were recording unimaginable record sales. 

It also depends on the type of problem you are solving. 

If you are trying to solve a problem that already has too many champions working to solve that problem, you may never make concrete headway; unless you are bringing in something really new or improving on what is already cooking. 

Or, you are taking those solutions and applying them to solve problems in regions that have not been exposed to that solutions. You are still a problem solver. 

More Problem Solvers, And Not…

If we have more humans who are occupied with thinking and working on how to solve our many problems, maybe our earth won’t be as bad as it is. 

The challenge we now have is a lack of true problem solvers. We have more people creating problems and even more amplifying them than we have working to solve them. 

Recently I was reading an article/report on “Fast Companys’ World Changing Idea Awards,” and I was amazed at the sort of ideas people are producing out of their heads. 

You need to see it. Read the report here

I was challenged and fascinated. It shows us that they are people who are working hard to see our world become a better place. 

You can join them. You can be a part of the army of innovators, creators, and leaders striving to make our world a better place [or you can just sit back and allow things to roll by, besides, it’s none of your business, right?]

In a few days, we will be commencing our Digital Health Bootcamp for healthcare professionals who are fascinated by the world of Digital Technologies. 

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in the world of Digital Technologies. 

You might be a newbie who doesn’t even know a thing about digital technologies. What we are doing is building a community of healthcare professionals who understand the importance of digital technologies to healthcare delivery. 

We have designed mentorship sessions and technical sessions — where participants will be exposed to learning certain digital tech skills like UI/UX Design, Web Development, and Data Analytics. 

It’s going to be exciting. 

To know more about it, I wrote a separate article here. 

Or, you can just apply by filling out this form… Straight to the point…

If you want to make inquiries, you can send us an email here at or chat with us on Whatsapp

The opportunities that abound in the Digital Tech space are numerous. It all depends on you. On You!


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