Mr. Ahmed Dagane, a registered nurse becomes Chief Executive Officer of the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral & Research Hospital [KUTRRH].

Ahmed Dagane's victory will open the gates to many more leadership victories in the nursing community and healthcare leadership in general.
Ahmed Dagane

You know, gradually, Africa’s healthcare ecosystem is beginning to understand the importance of an  “all-round leadership” system where everyone is allowed to lead, and not just leaving administrative leadership of hospitals or healthcare institutions to medical doctors [or healthcare professionals with a medical degree]. 

When I came across this news some weeks back, I was excited. 

I can see that we are gradually getting there in Africa as far as healthcare leadership is concerned. 

It’s a slow walk, but surely we will get to our destination.

We want to see registered nurses, physiotherapists, medical laboratory scientists, health information experts, and other healthcare professionals [who are highly qualified and competent] within the healthcare ecosystem rise to become leaders at the core helm of affairs in the healthcare ecosystem. 

We want the healthcare ecosystem to benefit from the leadership abilities and talents of leaders and experts from other healthcare professionals.

We have for too long denied the input of others all in the name of following professional traditions that have for long become obsolete in advanced communities.

Some weeks back, we published an “opinion article” that addressed the hospital leadership issues in Nigeria, written by one of our guest authors. You can check it out here. It’s a brilliant piece.

And earlier, I had written a similar piece about nurses leading the administrative arm of hospitals. You can read that article here [it’s an older article, though recently edited and updated].

Ahmed Dagane’s victory will open the gates to many more leadership victories in the nursing community and healthcare leadership in general.

We will begin to see experienced, intelligent, and competent healthcare professionals in Africa who are not necessarily medical doctors rise to lead the administrative aspect of hospitals.

The leadership of Care City commemorates Mr. Ahmed Dagane as he becomes the first registered nurse to lead a level six healthcare institution in Kenya [that’s exciting history], and we know that under his leadership, the institution will grow and wax stronger.

You can also connect with Mr. Ahmed Dagane on LinkedIn here

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