Celebrating Nurses’ Week | Reimagining Nursing Leadership: The Concept of Community-styled Leadership 

I was fascinated by it. By the sheer power generated when people who share similar visions come together to labor, build structures, and develop working systems. 
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We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.

Herman Melville.

This year’s Nurses’ Week is indeed a special one. More nurses are already seeing the need to incorporate innovative leadership into their professional life.

When I started learning the basics of leadership, one concept that I became so interested in was the concept of community

I was fascinated by it. By the sheer power generated when people who share similar visions come together to labor, build structures, and develop working systems. 

I held on closely to the idea of community. I studied world-class organizations that understand the power of community [I still study them to learn new things from how they manage their communities]. 

If you are going to make any tangible progress in whatever you are doing, you must understand the power of community and use it the right way. 

People who set out to do things independently without incorporating the principles of community will soon discover that they can never do much alone. 

You need people who understand what you are doing and are ready to work with you. They are there, waiting for you to reach out. 

To suppose that there’s no one ready or willing to work with you is a weak conclusion. It simply means you have not truly discovered that cause you want to dedicate to. 

If or when you discover that which you want to be dedicated to, you will pursue it with so much conviction, enthusiasm, and zest that you will naturally attract to your camp people who share your vision and are ready to walk and work with you. 

Leading With The Right Spirit 

Leadership is deep. 

It’s more than studying leadership courses and getting involved with workshops and seminars. 

These attempts at learning leadership are good and important. However, it doesn’t stop there. 

If you want to be the leader that can attract a community, keep it, build and nurture it, you must allow the spirit of leadership to rest in you. 

And what is the spirit of leadership? 

It is the spirit that understands that leadership is about sacrifice, commitment, and believing in what others can do. 

The last part of that definition is talking about community. 

Community Leadership is when people come together to lead a vision into existence. 

Community Leadership 

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King

In community leadership, the vision belongs to everyone. It doesn’t just belong to the leader or founder[s]. 

With this kind of mindset, everyone is ready and willing to put in what it takes to make sure that the vision remains alive. 

You can call it compassionate community leadership. 

When every member of your community approach work like this you will be amazed at how much growth and development will be experienced by the organization.  

Nursing Needs More of This Kind of Leaders

We are glad, excited, and full of joy seeing more and more global initiatives that are investing in the leadership of nurses. 

It shows that the world is realizing the importance of nurses to the overall functioning of the healthcare system.

And these investments are already yielding good results. 

Young nurses who are benefiting from these investments are going on to become global leaders who are transforming healthcare. 

While we enjoy this progress, it’s paramount that we understand the importance of community leadership as a profession. 

You can’t build all alone. 

It doesn’t matter how smart or qualified you are. 

There’s a limit to how much creativity, and intelligence you can produce. 

It’s just natural. 

One tree will never make a forest. 

So, we need community. 

If you have an idea that you so much believe in, you must nurture it and make sure you start to reach out and network with others around you. 

That’s how we build community. We reach out. 

You will get rejected, many may not understand what you are up to. Well, it doesn’t matter, what counts is your resolve to keep on going, to keep pushing and taking no for an answer. 

This year’s nurses’ month celebration is another time for us all to remind ourselves of the importance of working together as a profession. 

You see, a lot of nurses have wonderful ideas. Ideas that will cause a lot of positive changes in the healthcare ecosystem. 

What many of them lack is the right community. 

And how will they build community? 

In the next part of this series, I will be sharing practical ideas on How You Can Build a Community Around Your Idea. 

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