Celebrating Akingbade Oluwadamilare, The CEO of The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria, As He Becomes Certified By The International Council of Nurses and CGFNS International, INC As A Global Nurse Consultant

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As a team, we celebrate Akingbade Oluwadamilare, the CEO of The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria, as he becomes a Certified Global Nurse Consultant

The Global Nurse Consultant Certification was designed by the International Council of Nurses, the apex professional body of nurses in the world, in collaboration with CGFNS International, INC (CGFNS) for expert nurses who desire to be recognised on a global scale for their knowledge, expertise and experience.

Nurses eligible for the certification are experts (and are widely recognised) in their various fields of practice, either as clinicians, administrators, academics and entrepreneurs. 

Akingbade Oluwadamilare, a PhD Scholar at the Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China, is an inspirational leader, mentor, innovator and scholar with a great passion for leadership and professional development. 

This passion is reflected in his engagements as a sought-after keynote speaker, guest and resource person at various conferences, workshops and professional events in the nursing and healthcare community and other professional communities.

Nigeria and Africa need more young healthcare professionals who will represent us globally. And I know that achievements like this will inspire nurses and healthcare professionals in Africa to do more. It will open their minds and hearts to the many possibilities in nursing and the healthcare ecosystem.

Nurses in Nigeria must know that there are so many opportunities in the nursing profession. They must resolve to look beyond the limiting horizons of what Nigeria and Africa have painted the nursing profession to be.

Over the years, “Prof”, as I fondly call him, has been a very close friend, solid mentor, passionate leader, career coach and confidant

Working with him at the Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria as the editorial officer has exposed me to rather captivating sides of his unique person—his taste [very high], attention to detail, work ethic, dedication, discipline, and overall outlook on life, work and relationship. 

And I know that many others who have direct relationships [or even have had indirect interactions] with “Bro Damilare”, as we call him in the Fellowship of Christian Nurses, South-west Zone, Nigeriaalso have a lot of beautiful things to say about him. 

Once more, we join the whole community of nurses in Nigeria, Africa and all over the globe in celebrating Akingbade Oluwadamilare. And I know that there’s someone out there who is being inspired by this achievement to do more!

Don’t settle for less. You were made for more.

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