Care City Leadership Message: The Power Of A Purpose-Driven Life

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“leaders who can observe and connect information from a number of sources are generally well positioned to create ideas that are informed by the needs of the marketplace. Credibility combines that expertise with a measure of humility, honesty, and an appreciation for the human aspect of leading people.”

Simon Senek.

What is your purpose in life? Simple question. Answer it. 

If you have a solid answer to that question, I congratulate you. You are better than more than 80% of human beings on earth.

On the other hand, if you do not have an answer to that simple question, you have a lot of work to do. You are in the crowd, and you need help. Urgently.


If you don’t care about purpose, I guess you should stay where you are and allow life to crawl over and past you. 

But, if you are like me—worried, concerned, and anxious about how to live life to the fullest, then this short leadership message is for you. 

Leadership Is All About Discovery

Leadership is all about discovery, personal discovery.

I have read a couple of books and literature [and I will still read more] on leadership, and the central theme is just how to find, secure, and fulfill purpose. 

Those great leadership authors, coaches, and figures who share what life has taught and is still teaching them are just trying to lead you to the juncture in life where you will discover your purpose. 

When you discover your purpose in life, it will be super easy to commit to the “leader kind of life”.

You see, young folks who still joke and play around with their lives have not discovered who they are. 

They have not found their purpose in life. 

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If they discover themselves, they will never again joke and play with their lives. They will become serious, tough, rugged, and determined. 

Unfortunately, young folks of this “shallow-happy and hasty” age want things to come to them easily. 

Many of them think the digital [tech] age creates opportunities for them to make it quick

It’s all about making it quick. No one wants to go through the process. They want to get there fast! 

Leadership and discovery is not ‘fast lane business’. 

You must go through the process before you get there. And if you successfully cut corners and skip processes, the future will tell, when heavy storms come visiting and your sand castle is all you have to battle the storm.

Take Time & Pain To Discover Yourself

You need to know who you are.

Life is too short to live it on a ‘guess’ or someone’s lazy and flawed assumption of what they think you are.

You must take the time to search within yourself and come back with the essence that defines you as a person and a leader.

There’s so much hidden inside you. You can’t afford to take all that greatness to the dark grave. God’s not going to be happy with you. The world’s not going to be happy with you.

You can be more. It all depends on you, my friends.


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