Focusing on Young Nurses Initiative Holds Maiden Webinar

Focusing On Young Nurses Initiative: A Viable Solution To The Age-long Problem of Lack of True Mentorship Among Young Nurses in Africa & The World. 

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

Steven Spielberg

Focused On The Young…

The age-long problem of lack of true Nursing Mentorship has finally gotten a viable solution in this brilliant initiative developed by two astounding nursing academics & leaders who are dedicating time, resources, intellect & expertise to helping the younger generation of nurses navigate their way through the paths of nursing practice; helping them appreciate the profession & guiding them to discovering their unique roles as professionals in this modern world where “professional identity” crisis plagues a lot of young professionals. 

The nursing profession suffers from a chronic lack of true mentorship – we have mentors, good ones, but they are few [the good ones], and I have a strong feeling that we need to devise ways & strategies to help them spread their messages, to allow it touch more nurses across the professional spectrum, from students [who are the future] to qualified nurses and a less talked about class of nurses; those who are retiring or have retired – they also must know that there is still a lot of work to be done, they also need mentorship, a special kind of leadership. 

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FYNI  is set out to focus on young nurses. The cream of the profession. Those in the front rows, charged with the responsibilities of building the future and preserving the good legacies left behind by true leaders who have worked hard to take the profession to where it is now. 

The few who call themselves mentors are half in the game. But here, through ‘FYNI’, we have for ourselves advanced nursing professionals [ professors, leaders, innovators]; dedicated academics; brilliant scholars; and true leaders, who have taken it upon themselves to fill this gap & feed nurses all over the world who are hungry for true mentorship. 

We have not seen this kind of concept before on the African continent. It’s a novel one, and it also means that the future is bright for Nursing in Africa & the world. 

Her Maiden Webinar

If you are a nurse in the 21st century who is searching for meaning & purpose in the nursing profession, then FYNI is the right community to be in. 

This webinar which takes on the form of an interview between a younger nurse & an older one is set to expose younger nurses to the wisdom that they need to survive their journeys as young nurses. 

Register today, and be inducted into a community that takes nursing mentorship seriously. 

To know more about FYNI, kindly follow this link.

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