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A column/category dedicated to telling the world the “Life Stories” that make us nurses; real-life experiences; exposures shaping us; lessons building us. The good sides, the bad, and the ugly.

If there is any group of people who have got solid, inspiring, and original stories to tell, they are nurses. Believe me. We see everything. I mean everything.

Nursing is a profession that looks beyond itself. One of great sacrifice and solid commitment. They become too occupied with the care that they give others to the extent of forgetting that they also need care!

Ayinla Daniel

The world unfolds before our very eyes.

The Art of Nursing column/category is designed to inspire nurses from all over the world to keep putting in their best in whatever they are doing.

Whether they are in research, clinical nursing, academia, Information Communications/Digital Health, they could always do with a good dose of real-life inspiration.

These stories will inspire leadership…

And help place many on the path of choosing careers in the nursing profession. The profession is currently going through a historic reformation. With more men realising the beauty of the profession and deliberately, intentionally choosing nursing as a career path, especially in developing countries, where the community’s view about nursing is heavily distorted by a whole lot of social factors.

Technological advancements have also opened new and fresh opportunities in the world of nursing practice, with Digital Health technologies paving the way to a new world of nursing/medical practice.

Don’t wait for things to happen, be the one to cause things to happen

Chidera emmanuel [maiden interview on inspire]

We want to hear your stories. We really do. We have a future plan of starting a podcast designed around this idea. Don’t worry, before we start, you will be informed.

Send your stories, written, in word format or any other format directly to me on WhatsApp or if you prefer using email services, you can send your stories/articles to my email, with the following details:

Full Names, Professional/Academic Qualifications, Country and State of Residence, Social Media Profile link(s) if any.

Stories/articles/essays will be edited and published on Care City Blog.

P.S: Articles/essays/stories that are perceived to be abusive in nature, or that portray racism or inequality in any form will not be published.

Ayinla Daniel

Chief Editor Care City

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(Chief Editor)

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