EvolveHealth Media [is the 'services' Arm of Care City]

We help healthcare and health-tech entrepreneurs, brands and start-ups in Africa optimize, grow and transform.

We work with healthcare and health-tech entrepreneurs, businesses and start-ups in Africa to develop innovative solutions that accelerate growth. 

Helping African healthcare brands and entrepreneurs is in our DNA. It’s our passion, and we will never be tired of doing it.  


Digital Marketing
  • Copywriting 
  • Blog Development
  • Infographics marketing 
  • Video content marketing
  • Social Media Content Marketing 
Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Software Development
  • Web Management 
  • UI/UX Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
Tools & Tech
  • Data Analytics & Insights
  • Strategy & Planning 
  • Project Management 
  • Product Review
  • IT Consulting 

There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Friends, Partners & Clients

Helping Healthcare Brands Tell Their Unique Stories

Your brand has a unique story, and we want to team up with you to amplify your voice. The healthcare industry is a distinctive one, it's a bit different from other industries due to several factors & defining characteristics. We know how difficult & tough it is for small & medium healthcare brands to keep up with everyday online activities, from writing & blogging, communicating with an audience, social media, creating copies, developing content ideas & so much more. We study the distinctiveness of the healthcare industry & use our findings to develop a content strategy for your small or medium healthcare business, health tech startup, healthcare NGO or healthcare community, taking the burden off of your busy shoulders, and making your schedule less painful, giving you more time to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

Content Writing & Blogging

Content Writing & Blogging: Create astounding content for your blogs, websites & social media pages. Content that is easy to interact with; content that informs, inspires and entertains. Content that tells the story of what your brand is doing for the world. We can work with you in telling your stories.

Web Development

Let our web developers/designers help you create the website of your dreams on a budget light for your starting pockets. And if you want web management services, we will be glad to help out with the everyday maintenance, formatting of posts, publishing & SEO on your websites.

Highly Innovative & Inspired Team of Creators

We work with a team of writers [copywriters, bloggers, content writers] editors, web developers/designers, graphic designers, video editors, social media specialists, and a host of other content creators to give your brand the visibility it needs to be well represented in the healthcare industry. We focus on healthcare & health tech startups, healthcare communities & NGOs, small & medium healthcare businesses. We look beyond marketing and trying to just sell a product or service. To us, it's more about the relationship that you have with your audience. The bridge of trust that you build between your brand and your audience -- it's more about building communities and not limited to customer/consumer relationships.


Move beyond trying to just sell 'Andy' a product or a service, build a relationship with him and let him become part of your community, your family. If you have a healthcare [or healthtech] product or service that you believe can change the lives of people, let us help you create copies that build communities & foster trust with potential customers. We will do an intensive study of whatever product or service that you are putting out there, and present our observations [and recommendations], then we will craft copies around the amazing qualities of your product or service. We will make it look as natural as natural can be.

Graphic Designing, Video Editing & Social Media Management

Our team of social media managers is dedicated to the growth of your presence on social media platforms. And our graphic designing & video editing team work hand in hand with other creators on the team to build the healthcare brand of your dream. Or do you have a more specific need? Or do you just want to get our opinion about something that concerns the growth & development of your healthcare brand?

We Can't Wait To Create With You!

Send us a mail, or send a direct message on Whatsapp, let’s team up with you in changing our world. 

Care City Innovation & Leadership Hub

Generally, Care City is an “Innovation & Leadership” brand. Our primary goal as a community is to inspire Healthcare Professionals to do more in the challenging aspects of Healthcare Innovation & Healthcare Leadership. Our Innovation & Leadership hub will bring to you all that you will need as a Healthcare Professional in Nigeria & Africa to succeed as an Innovator, while leading your way into greater heights. 

Coming soon

The Uniqueness

Real People

Interact with professionals who are excited to help you in your innovative & leadership journey.

The Power of Community

Community is our strength. As we grow together and look for unique ways of helping each other become better...

Product & Service Design

Our products and services are built to meet the innovative & leadership needs of Nurses, Healthcare Professionals & Healthcare/Healthtech Brands.


There is always something new to learn...

Inspiring you to do more...

With a little help, and a tiny nudge, we see you becoming the best version of you...